JoJo Sends Derek Home On 'The Bachelorette', & Fans Are Not Happy


As JoJo aims to get closer to finding "the one", each week is starting to get more and more intense. On Monday's episode, JoJo sends Derek home on The Bachelorette, after already sending Wells home. The competition is starting to get a lot more stiff, and it seems like all of the good guys are getting the boot. After the second two-on-one date of the season, Derek was the second guy to leave during the week, and he'll certainly be missed.

As the guys arrived in Argentina this week, they were notified that there would be one one-on-one date, one group date, and another two-on-one date for the first time ever. Derek and Chase were chosen for that dreadful threesome, knowing that for one of them the journey for love was about to end, yet each seeming super confident about his chances.

As if a two-on-one date wasn't awkward enough, JoJo chose to spend it dancing a three person tango, putting a quite literal interpretation on the current situation as the guys were fighting for her affection. Afterwards, she pulls Derek aside to have a private conversation, in which he pretty much spills his heart out to her and admits he is totally falling in love with her. Derek definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. Her conversation with Chase was a bit more tense. It felt like she literally had to pull the words out of him after admitting she needs validation of his feelings for her. He finally did, though, and it seems that was enough for JoJo.

As she held up the rose and asked Chase if he would accept it, I immediately yelled out "No!" at the TV screen. She actually sent Derek home — say it ain't so! He was such a good guy. He did everything right starting with his constant affection for JoJo and ending with how committed he was to her throughout this whole thing. It's no wonder, then, that he cried his eyes out during the limo ride home. It was easy to tell that this came as a major shock to him.

Derek will be missed, and I am clearly not the only one who feels this way.

Bring Derek back!!


I thought Chase was a goner, for sure.

Literally heartbreaking.