7 Hilarious Moments From 'Bluey' That Will Make Every Parent Chuckle

Now that Bluey Season 2 has aired on the Disney Channel, you may have noticed that the Australian series about a blue heeler puppy and her family has something to offer everyone, even parents. In fact, there are quite a few jokes on Bluey that only parents will get, making the adorable children's show palatable and enjoyable for adults, too.

For those unfamiliar with the Australian animated hit, Bluey follows the titular 6-year-old blue heeler puppy and her mom, dad, and little sister as they make fun out of just about every situation. The wholesome show centers around the family's dynamic, with dad, Bandit, doing the bulk of time at home with the kids while mom, Chilli, works full-time. Together, the four of them play games, learn, and go on endless adventures.

If the family feels refreshingly authentic, there's a good reason for that. The creator of the show, Joe Brumm, told ABC in an interview that Bluey is based on his own family and experiences with parenting. “It’s as honest as I can get it,” he told the news outlet. Honest and hilarious seems to be the consensus on this one. Check out these jokes that are bound to go over your kids' heads, but give you a bit of a chuckle.


In the episode "Calypso," Bluey and friends are busy playing in preschool. While Bluey is running a fish and chips shop (with no fish), her friend Indy is moving out with her baby and the Terriers are defending a Roman fort. The kids play together and have a generally great time, but parents are bound to relate to one of Indy's jokes as a "mom." "Ergh, I’ve had no sleep all night," a dramatically exhausted Indy says while nursing her doll.

"Yoga Ball"

Bluey doesn't shy away from the odd pop culture reference. In "Yoga Ball," the kids are running away from a giant yoga ball "boulder" while dad tries to help them escape. Snuck in the epic scene is a nod to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. "Raiders!" Bandit screams while running.

"The Claw"

Along with some serious parent skills, Bandit is also the master of quippy jokes. In "The Claw," he impersonates a giant claw scooping up kids and toys alike, all the while making the girls do chores to earn money for more tries. Perhaps the best part of the episode comes in the form of Bandit's jokes. "Magic Claw has no children," he says at one point. "His days are free and easy."


When Bluey has $5 from the Tooth Fairy to spend in the episode "Markets," she learns just how far money can go — or not go. In the midst of their shopping spree, Bluey and her friend Indy have a funny interaction with a Poffertjes stall owner. “Have these Poffertjes got any wheat, sugar, gluten or dairy in them?” Indy asks. “That’s all they’ve got in them!” the shop owner says back. I think we all know that parent in the mom group.

"Bob Bilby"

In the episode "Bob Bilby," Bluey brings home her class mascot by the same name and the family aims to show him a good time. While the story brings to light the prevalence of screen time in modern childhoods, it also has a funny moment when Bandit really shows his age. Holding a very old camera, he says, “This is all my stuff from when I used to be cool." Oof, same, Dad.


Bandit may be a superhero parent, but even he gets tired. When playing with the kids in the episode "Hospital," he asks, “Is there some game where I just lie really still on a comfy bed or something?” Talk about relatable.


Another example of generational differences, the episode "Grannies" shows Bluey and sister Bingo on a quest to find out if grannies can floss — the dance, not the tooth string. They get their answer after video chatting with their own grandparents, but the entire journey will hit home for parents who are dealing with kids who think they created the wheel. Of course grannies can floss, kids. It's really not that hard.

If you're looking to laugh along with your kids while they watch some quality cartoons, I can't recommend Bluey enough. Bandit's one-liners are enough to keep you coming back for more.