Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow Is Dead On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6

by Megan Walsh

Okay, so the worst has come to pass: Jon Snow is dead on Game of Thrones. Everyone watching has been waiting with bated breath to see if Jon would be still alive or resurrected come the Season 6 premiere, but it's official: he's gone. The episode gets right to it, with the camera swooping in on Jon's cold body lying in the snow and his faithful direwolf Ghost crying as he tries to get to Jon. Davos Seaworth hears the wolf's cries and goes out to investigate, which is when he sees Jon.

The Night's Watchmen are thrown into disarray as they try to figure out what to do in the wake of Jon's death. Half of them are furious that Jon is dead, and that he was killed by his own men, and considering the other half are the ones who did the killing, they're pretty okay with it. Meanwhile, a very interesting lady has also arrived at the Wall: none other than Melisandre, who the episode ("The Red Woman") is named after. Fans have long wondered if she will have a hand in bringing the very dead Jon Snow back to life thanks to her mystical powers, and the timing is right. But will Melisandre be able to bring Jon Snow back from the dead?

If she can bring Jon back, "The Red Woman" doesn't delve into it. Melisandre is actually absent for most of the episode named after her, and while she appears at the end for a surprising reveal about her magical necklace, she doesn't have much to do with Jon Snow or his body. Jon ends the episode where he started it: dead, though he's now laid out on a table, Ghost tragically nosing at his cold hand. The show is staying true to its claim that Jon is definitely dead, at least for now – but there's no telling what might happen in the future.