Kylie Jenner's BFF Had The *Sweetest* Things To Say About Her Becoming A Mom

If it weren't for best friends, the world would be a very lonely place — and Kylie Jenner is well aware of this. Any fan of Jenner's who has watched her show, Life of Kylie, or follows her on social media knows that she and her best friend, Jordyn Woods, share a bond that can't be broken. And it shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone that Jordyn Woods' comments on Kylie Jenner becoming a mom are the absolute sweetest and show that Jenner is so happy in her new world with baby Stormi.

Woods and Jenner give a new meaning to the word "goals." The two not only do everything together, but they also have a super great understanding of each other. And when Jenner gave birth to her daughter, Stormi, in February this year, at the age of 20, her relationship with Woods only grew stronger. At least, that's what Woods told E! News. In a new interview with the outlet at Beauty Con this past weekend, Woods only had the most amazing things to say about her best friend. And, of course, Woods would be so understanding of the fact that motherhood made her best friend change just a little bit.

As Woods told E! News of her BFF becoming a mom:

I think just people grow and evolve every day and when you become a parent you have to keep learning and it's an experience and I have just seen her blossom and mature, so it's nice.

This is such an awesome way to view her relationship with Jenner. Sure, they might not be in the exact same places in their lives, but as she said, people grow and evolve every day. So it's great that Woods can appreciate these changes in her best friend's life and understands why it's necessary and natural for her to change.

As evidenced by Stormi's birth announcement video, which Woods narrates a lot of, Woods has been alongside Jenner for every single step throughout motherhood. From finding out Jenner was pregnant to meeting Stormi for the first time, Woods (along with Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott) has really been there for it all. During a Q&A video, Jenner revealed that Woods was with her when Jenner took her first pregnancy test, which the new mom already had a hunch about. "I try not to listen to her crazy ideas but she says something, she's gonna do it, so that's what I've learned throughout the years," Woods said in the video.

It would make sense for Woods to be the first person that Jenner told about her pregnancy — especially since the dynamic duo are living together, even now that Jenner is a mom to Stormi, according to Us Weekly. Given this kind of proximity that the BFFs have with one another, Woods really does have a front row seat to watching Jenner grow and change as a human.

But even if Jenner didn't give birth earlier this year, it sounds like Woods would be super supportive of her best friend, no matter what she were to do. In March, Woods told Entertainment Tonight that she would support Jenner in every single decision she made, no matter what, explaining:

I think no matter who your best friend is, it's important to be there for them, and be supportive, and obviously you want to help guide them in whatever decision they make because everyone is their own person. They make their own decision. It's just your job as a friend to be supportive.

Woods could not be any better of a friend to Jenner and Stormi is super lucky to have an someone like her in her life, too.