Joseph & Kendra Duggar Are Now On Instagram, So Go Get Your Baby Garrett Fix

The new season of Counting On started airing in February, and fans were undoubtedly thrilled to get in their weekly dose of the Duggar family. Even though current-day happenings are about six months ahead of what's airing on TLC these days, it's still nice to see how all the new couples and new parents are adjusting to big changes. Especially since one couple in particular had exactly zero social media presence — until recently, that is. Because as it turns out, Joesph and Kendra Duggar are now on Instagram. So you can finally keep up with baby Garrett.

As OK! magazine reported, the couple finally followed in the footsteps of all the other married Duggar siblings and created an Instagram account. (As a general rule — with the exceptions of Josiah and Jana — Duggar siblings haven't had their own social media accounts until after they're engaged or married.) The big move was made official on Friday, March 1, with an adorable photo of baby Garrett. "We finally decided to get social media!" Jospeh and Kendra wrote alongside a shot of their son dressed in blue and sitting on an incredibly fuzzy-looking rug. "Still trying figure out how it works😆Looking forward to keeping y’all updated on our little family💙💙💙."

Take a look at their handsome little guy!

According to Cheat Sheet, fans had both words of welcome and words of warning for Joseph and Kendra as they entered the world of social media. One follower wrote, "Garret is growing so fast .He is adorable.💙 So happy to keep up with y'all."

Another person commented, "Glad to see you on here. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your little family."

Yet another Instagram user advised, "Welcome. Ignore any haters. You all are amazing."

Another fan chimed in with, "Welcome! Social media is great but it comes with the risk of great negativity. Don't let it get to you and always have an exit strategy. So glad to see updates though. God bless you!"

It's worth noting that although Joseph and Kendra weren't officially on Instagram until Friday, they've popped up plenty of times on Michelle and Jim Bob's account, as well as on Joseph's siblings' accounts.

The couple welcomed baby G‌arrett in June 2018, after having tied the knot in September 2017, according to People. “No matter how many times we’ve experienced the joy of babies born in our families, there’s nothing comparable to the joy in our hearts today!" they told the publication at the time. "Children truly are a gift from God. We are so thankful for his safe arrival and this new journey as parents." Joseph and Kendra also shared a TLC video introducing their baby boy and sharing a glimpse into their lives as new parents. Since then, however, Counting On fans haven't seen or heard too much from this particular Duggar duo.

Once they get a better feel for how Instagram works, I have a feeling that a steady stream of baby Garrett photos will be just around the corner. (And hopefully if the trolls get too bad, someone shows them how to disable the comments.) Welcome to Instagram, Joseph and Kendra!