Joseph & Kendra Duggar's Net Worth Is Probably More Than Most Newlyweds

by Korey Lane

It's really quite natural to want to know how much money someone has, or how much they make. Even if you don't know the person, knowing their net worth is almost exciting in a way, isn't it? And since they've been in the news so much recently, fans are certainly curious about Joseph and Kendra Duggar's net worth. Although the exact number isn't as readily available as those of some larger reality television stars, based off of what his parents were earning while 19 Kids & Counting was on the air — and reports of what the family makes per episode on its spinoff, Counting On — it can be assumed that the couple is probably more well off than your average newlyweds.

That's definitely a good thing. It was announced mere days ago that Joseph and Kendra are now expecting their first child, after getting married in September in Arkansas. The couple has had a fairly quick courtship and engagement. After all, the 22-year-old Duggar son and 19-year-old Kendra only began courting in March, after having met at church. According to TLC, "They actually met while Joseph was visiting the family of Joy Duggar's fiance, Austin Forsyth."

And now that the happy couple is expecting their first child, they're likely working to get all their finances in order before welcoming their new one into the world. Well, at least, I would be worried about doing that, but I don't have a TV in my family's name.

But, any concerned fans can rest easy. According to a recent report from In Touch Weekly, at least a few members of the family are likely earning several thousand dollars per episode of their reality series on TLC. Now, while the family's original reality show, 19 Kids & Counting is no longer on air (nor are any reruns), the younger generation of Duggar children — namely the daughters — have returned to the network to star in their own show, Counting On. So, while their parents aren't really reaping the rewards any longer, the children certainly are.

Also on Counting On? Joseph and Kendra. In fact, their wedding was a major episode of the current season. So, let's do some math shall we? According to that report from In Touch Weekly, the Duggars were bringing in some pretty big bucks. Per Terence Michael, a reality television producer who spoke to the publication:

Reality-show families earn about 10 percent of a show's per-episode budget. In other words, if it costs TLC about $250,000 to $400,000 per episode — and Terence believes it does — that means $25,000 to $40,000 goes directly into Duggars' pockets for a mere four days of work, which is approximately how long it takes to film an episode.

So, with a total of 48 episodes of their new show so far, it can be assumed that those on the show as a whole have brought in $1.2 million on the low end of things. If they're making more than that, it could be as much as $1.92 million just since 2015. And even if that total was split between all seven of the older Duggar children, they would each make about somewhere around $274,285 in two years. Not a bad paycheck for getting to live out their lives on TV.

And considering the fact that Counting On alone has been on the air for two years now, it's pretty safe to assume that all the Duggar children who appear on the show are doing quite well for themselves. And while no exact number is known in regards to Joseph and Kendra's estimated net worth, Mommyish.com reports that the head of the Duggar household is doing extremely well. Per the website, "Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s net worth is $3.5 million."

Now, there's really no way to know if this number is accurate. However, one thing is for sure, and that's that Joseph and Kendra are totally in love, and ready to start a family. After their September wedding, Joseph exclusively told People, how excited he was to start his life with Kendra. "It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of to have a wife and to raise a family in a way that honors the lord," he told the publication. "We are to very excited to see what God has in the future for us."

And as for the sex of their future baby? Joseph is hoping for a boy, while Kendra wouldn't be too surprised if it was a girl, according to their announcement video on the family website. Either way, and no matter what their net worth is, it's clear that they seem more than excited to tackle the challenge of parenthood.

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