Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson's Honeymoon Destination Was Inspired By This Classic Film

When Counting On star Josiah Duggar married his wife, Lauren Swanson, in late June, fans were super excited for the couple. Especially since fans have been watching their journey on the TLC reality show, Counting On. Since their wedding, Duggar and Swanson have been busy traveling and spending time out of the country on their honeymoon. But fans might be surprised to know that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson's honeymoon location destination was actually inspired by one very classic and iconic movie.

After their gorgeous wedding, which fans got to watch on TLC's website, Duggar and Swanson went silent on their Instagram account. That's because they were busy spending time in their honeymoon location, which they finally unveiled to People on Friday. Duggar and Swanson opted to go abroad for their honeymoon, choosing Vienna, Austria for their destination, which is a place that the couple had "always wanted" to visit because of one very special film, according to People.

"We chose Austria for our honeymoon because of the Sound Of Music," Swanson told People. "I've always wanted to come here, and I'm loving all the scenery and traditional Austrian clothing."

Let's be real, who didn't fall in love with the classic 1965 film starring Julie Andrews about a family of singing children and the governess, Maria, who changes their lives for the better? The film, set in the Austrian countryside, introduced so many people to some great songs and even better scenery. So, it's pretty cool that Duggar and Swanson chose to spend their first few weeks as husband and wife in Austria.

Duggar, for his part, seems to be just as excited to be out of his home state of Arkansas and finally spending some much needed alone time with his wife. "We're so excited to be in Vienna on our honeymoon and spending this time together! It's a beautiful place, with a beautiful wife; what more could a guy ask for than that?! We are loving every minute of it," Duggar told People.

But for fans who have been keeping up with the couple through Counting On, this might just seem a little confusing. During the season's premiere episode, which aired last week, Duggar expressed his interest in Swanson and finally asked her to enter a courtship with him, according the The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

But, the show was filmed a while ago. Duggar announced his courtship with Swanson in January, according to TLC, before getting engaged three months later in March. On June 30, the couple headed down the aisle and got married, according to Entertainment Tonight. Needless to say, it has been a very exciting year for the couple. And now fans get to watch their relationship play out from the very start on Counting On.

But, fans who have been keeping up with the couple in real time, should be delighted to know that Duggar has been incredibly happy during his first month of marriage. "It's still mind blowing to think that we have the rest of our lives together," Duggar told People. "God's goodness is overwhelming!" Seriously, he could not be any sweeter when he talks about his wife.

The good news is, Counting On viewers won't be left out of seeing inside of Duggar and Swanson's honeymoon, either. In a video from Austria, that they filmed for TLC, the couple talked about how happy they were to be out of the country and spending time together, alone, for the first time. "We're excited to spend this time together," Duggar said.

Rest assured, fans will likely be able to watch their adventures in Austria on the next season of Counting On. How exciting!