Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Gave An Aww-Inducing Update On Married Life

by Casey Suglia

With the new season of TLC's Counting On premiering this week, there seems to be so much to catch up on — like Josiah Duggar's courtship, engagement, and marriage to Lauren Swanson. But now that they are married, Josiah Duggar's new update on married life with Lauren Swanson gives some insight into their new life together before they see it unravel on Counting On.

It has almost been exactly one month since Duggar and Swanson said "I do" in front of their friends and many family members. The couple married in a private ceremony in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on June 30, according to People. Shortly after their wedding, the couple told People that their big day was absolutely perfect. "We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us to this place and we can't wait to begin our journey as husband and wife."

Now that they've been married for (almost) a month, they've only gotten a taste of what that journey entails — and they love it. In a new interview with Us Weekly, the couple revealed that married life has been a breeze.

"Time has flown by," the couple told Us Weekly.

"We now understand why God considers marriage such a beautiful thing," Duggar added, according to Us Weekly.

It's a little unclear what Duggar and Swanson have been up to since getting married, especially since they've been silent on Instagram since two days before they got married. Because of this, it's hard to tell where they went on their honeymoon or if they even went on a honeymoon at all. In the past, members of the Duggar family have gone directly from their wedding to their honeymoon.

After getting married last September, Joseph and Kendra Duggar went to Greece for their honeymoon, according to People. Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, went to Switzerland after their wedding in May 2017, according In Touch Weekly. Jinger Duggar and her husband opted to go to Australia after their wedding in 2016, according to People. While older sister, Jessa Duggar, went on a "very romantic" tour of Europe (stopping in multiple cities and countries) with her new hubby, according to Us Weekly. And finally, when Jill Duggar took her honeymoon four years ago in 2014, her and her husband, Derick Dillard opted for a domestic honeymoon and went to a beach town in North Carolina to celebrate their first few days as newlyweds, according to People.

So, if Duggar and Swanson did travel somewhere fun for their honeymoon, it's likely that it was captured for Counting On cameras. Well, hopefully...

But now that they've spent a month together as husband and wife, Duggar and Swanson are looking forward to their future together and all that comes with it. The couple told Us Weekly:

It's been especially fun to simply work on setting up our house together and just settle into life. We're enjoying dreaming and thinking of the future together.

Although it is unclear what those dreams might entail, given that both Duggar and Swanson come from large families, kids will more than likely be in their future together. But since it's only been one month since they've gotten married, there's really no rush. Based on their words, they're just so happy to finally be together as husband and wife.