Joy-Anna Duggar's New Photo Of 5-Month-Old Gideon Will Remind You Of Someone

Back in February, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed their first child, an adorable baby boy named Gideon Martyn Forsyth. The young couple has shared several updates on their son via their joint Instagram page, keeping fans in the loop on the little nugget. And all of a sudden, the 5-month-old has developed a striking resemblance to someone in his family. In recent Instagram photo shared by Joy-Anna, it's clear that Gideon takes after his father.

On Monday, 20-year-old Joy-Anna went to visit her husband Austin at work with baby Gideon in tow. Joy-Anna shared a carousel of photos from the outing, including a shot of Gideon smiling in the car. As soon as I saw the photo, I noticed that he already looks so much like 24-year-old Austin — and many fans agree.

"He looks like his Daddy so much. What a cutie!!!" one fan wrote in the comments section.

"He's a little Austin! 😍" added another.

"He looks JUST like his dad!" concurred someone else.

"Gideon looks JUST like Austin!! Love his name!!" read another comment.

Take a look at the photo (it's the third one in the album) alongside a photo of Austin and see for yourself:

If you're wondering about the seat Gideon is sitting in, it appears to be the Bumbo Floor Seat, available for $44.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond. According to the product's description, it allows a baby to sit up on their own, freeing the caregivers hands.

As Joy-Anna explained in a video she posted in the album, Austin is currently working on a "dozer" job. The 24-year-old has held a number of jobs — he's worked as a mechanic, a pilot, and at Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Retreat Center, which his parents own. The very outdoorsy Joy-Anna is evidently into "dozers," because she hopped out of the car to help her husband spread some gravel in the 90+ degree heat. "Love when I get to work with my man!!☀️😅⛏💪🏼👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️👶🏼☀️," she captioned the Instagram album. "I came to bring him lunch, then decided to stay and help him spread the gravel😀."

When Gideon was born, the new parents talked about about welcoming their son in a video for TLC. Joy-Anna said:

I think Austin's really excited to have a baby boy 'cause he's really wanting to have somebody to take to work, and to go do a lot of different hobbies, and just teach him all the skills that Austin knows.

Clearly, Austin already had someone he could take to work: Joy-Anna.

She also opened up about how wonderful it felt to become a mom in the video. She said:

I think being first-time parents is really indescribable. I think everybody that has a baby goes through this feeling of just being so proud and so thankful to have a little one and it's a lot of responsibility but... it's amazing, I can't describe it.

Before the photo Joy-Anna and Austin shared this week, they had shared a few photos of Gideon making adorably goofy facial expressions. When announcing his birth back in February, one photo in the album they shared to Instagram featured Gideon making a super cute squirmy face. It's the third one in this album:

And on Gideon's 1-month birthday, they posted a picture of Gideon looking at the camera with a hilarious "what are YOU looking at?" expression.

I'm sure Austin is excited his son already resembles him at such a young age, and it will definitely be interesting to see if a little more of that signature Duggar look shows up on Gideon's face as he grows up.