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Prepare To "Awww" Over Julian Edelman's Sweet Photos With His Daughter

Even though tonight, Super Bowl LIII, is meant to celebrate football's greatest, it also seems like the best time to learn more about the players' lives off the field. For instance, not only is New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman a superstar athlete, but he's also a loving daddy to one adorable (and lucky) little girl. And you definitely need to see Julian Edelman's photos with his daughter to understand this level of cuteness they share.

Edelman had daughter Lily with model Ella Rose in 2016, according to TMZ. It looks like there was a little bit of drama surrounding her birth; the Boston Globe reported that Rose filed a paternity suit against Edelman at one point. Luckily, though, it seems like the two have since worked out their issues and they haven't affected Lily's relationship with her dad.

With a Swedish model for a mom and a handsome NFL superstar for a father, you know baby Lily's got some good genes. She's definitely a cutie pie, but the cutest thing about her might be the big smile she's got on her face whenever she's around her famous dad. Edelman isn't shy about sharing snapshots of his life with her, as the toddler makes regular appearance on his Instagram.

Here are a nine too-cute-for-words pics of the receiver and his little leading lady.


The Little Cheerleader

Even if you were rooting for the Rams tonight, you have to admit that baby Lily is the sweetest little Pats fan ever. And there's just nothing more adorable than seeing a big, brawny guy turning into a big softie over his child.


Family Bonding

Edelman is a single dad, but judging by his Instagram, he gets a lot of help from his mom. And it looks like that blonde hair definitely runs in the family.


Take Your Daughter To Work Day

I loved going to the office with my mom for Take Your Daughter to Work Day when I was a kid, though as an adult I can now see that her job wasn't all that exciting for either of us. I imagine things are a little different when your dad's in the NFL, however, even if Lily is probably way too young to realize it.


Blowing Kisses

Baby Lily is throwing kisses to her grandma off camera, according to Edelman's caption. Something tells me this little beauty has a pretty good chance of following in her model mama's footsteps, if she wants.


Future Soccer Star?

I would have expected Lily to be running around with a mini football considering her dad's profession, but it looks like she's a soccer star in training. I just love the fact that they're both barefoot in this picture.


Practice Makes Perfect

Looks like soccer practice is actually a regular thing in the Edelman house. With athletic genes from her daddy, you have to wonder if there's going to be an Edelman in the women's World Cup in a couple of decades.


Daddy Kisses

Candid moments like this one are just so incredibly sweet. It's really hard to fit this much cuteness into one photo, but Edelman and his baby girl somehow managed it.


Story Time

Toddlers don't know or care what their parents do for a living — they just know that it's story time and they need someone to read to them. Luckily, Edelman was there dive into a book with baby Lily.



Your first holidays as a parent are really special, and Edelman looked to be soaking up the experience around Thanksgiving 2017. He captioned this sweet snap with Lily #mylilturkey.

No matter how many Super Bowl trophies Edelman wins in his career, it looks like gorgeous Lily will always be the real prize in his eyes.