'Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Her Ex-Husband

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding chapters in life. But it also can be extremely challenging. And when you're attempting to co-parent with an ex, those challenges take on a whole new meaning. So as Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry opens up about co-parenting with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, it's important to remember that the two are trying their best to make it work. But sometimes, the challenge of (co-)parenting, just makes you want to scream.

Lowry, who recently canceled the release of a tell-all book series He Said, She Said, that she co-wrote with Marroquin, opened up exclusively to Us Weekly to explain what they were going through. "Javi and I got to a really good place by early Fall and it’s unfortunate that things have changed so much to the degree that it’s affecting our ability to coparent," she told the magazine.

But, that doesn't mean that this rough patch is getting the 25-year-old mom of three down. She also explained that she is thankful she's been able to use writing to get through it, and that despite the fact that both she and Marroquin are seeing other people now, she'll continue to be respectful to him.

Lowry and Marroquin were married for almost three years before filing for divorce in 2016, and then appearing on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp. And while things were going good for the couple for a while there, their relationship had turned rocky as the couple cancelled their book release. "I wanted to keep our co-parenting relationship intact and didn’t want to make any significant others uncomfortable," Lowry told Us Weekly at the time. "We would have had to spend time together for promos and book tour, but we are not in a place to do that right now."

Marroquin is seeing someone new, although Teen Mom fans might recognize Briana DeJesus, as she stars alongside him and Lowry in Teen Mom 2. Lowry is also in a new relationship, as she revealed in November that she has a girlfriend. According to Us Weekly, Lowry told Lindsie Chrisley on an episode of their podcast, Coffee & Convos:

We were friends for a year and so it kind of just turned into [a romantic relationship]. So, it’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend, you know what I mean? It more or less just happened.

So, with two parents, and two more significant others, things were bound to get complicated.

And that's to be expected any time two exes attempt to raise a child together. But for Lowry and Marroquin, who share 4-year-old son Lincoln, things were getting a little too complicated, it seems. Continuing her interview with Us Weekly, Lowry explained:

However, I’m not going to let this stop me. I’ll continue to be respectful to the father of my child and keep working at my career, and that includes my writing. Writing has been keeping me busy and focused and I’m anxious to get these upcoming books out.

It was clear the two weren't in the best of places when Marroquin tweeted some less-than-desirable words about Lowry during the season finale of Marriage Boot Camp on Dec. 8.

In replying to the above tweet, Marroquin wrote, "Have more important things to worry about right now than a past relationship that’s dead to me. Lincoln is the only thing keeping it alive. Which I’m blessed for don’t get me wrong. But him, that’s it." Lowry, for her part, responded with her own tweet.

Although the two share a son, it seems as though their relationship isn't as good as it once was, something many parents attempting to co-parent can relate to.