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Kate Hudson Opened Up About Ryder & Rani's Relationship & It's So Adorable

Expecting moms understand the anxiety associated with introducing their newborn into the family. There is a lot of fear that comes with the unknown and how their newest addition will fit in with their kids. But mom of three, Kate Hudson, seems to have no fears at all, especially when it comes to her oldest son, Ryder. After giving birth to her daughter, Rani, in October, Kate Hudson opened up about Ryder and Rani's relationship and it sounds so adorable, even if there are quite a few years between them.

Kate Hudson has three children: 15-year-old son, Ryder, who she shares with ex-husband, Chris Robinson; 7-year-old son, Bingham, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Belamy; and 4-month-old daughter, Rani, who she welcomed into the world with boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. It's obvious that there is a huge age difference between all three of her kids, which might be a problem in some families.

But, Hudson revealed in a new interview with E! News that all of her sons have such a sweet relationship with their little sister — and they're a huge help with her. She revealed in the interview that their age difference is such a blessing, especially since Ryder is super independent.

"I kind of have two kids that I have to be super hands on with, whereas Ryder's my mate in the journey of Rani," Hudson said. "He's my little helper."

But just because they have a strong bond (as evidenced on Hudson's Instagram account), doesn't mean that Hudson is leaving her daughter alone with Ryder any time soon. Hudson told E! News:

I will never let Ryder babysit. I love my son, but he's not babysitting. I'd probably let Bing babysit before I let Ryder babysit.

This could be because Ryder is a typical teenage boy who only cares about the things he likes and can barely care for himself, let alone an infant. Hudson told E! News that Ryder "doesn't need much" except "real support," so it makes sense that he's off doing his own thing. But that doesn't make the relationship between brother and sister any less significant, just super fun and unique.

Even Hudson thinks this relationship is fun to watch — and can't wait until her children grow older together. Hudson told TODAY earlier this week:

It's quite amazing to watch, because it's a completely different generation. (Ryder) looked at me and goes, "Mom, when I'm 30, (Rani) is going to be 16."...That's wild that I'll have a 30-year-old kid and a child in high school.

And that isn't to say that Hudson isn't completely done with having kids. Although Hudson might have sworn off having kids at one point, Hudson told TODAY on Friday that she is ready to have more kids with Fujikawa, and make Ryder a big brother (again).

"Then I met Danny and I was like, 'All right, I need to pop them out for him.'," Hudson said. "If it works out that way. He needs a boy, right? His own boy."

It makes sense why Hudson would want to expand her family so quickly after giving birth to her daughter — she comes from a huge family herself. Hudson has one brother, four half siblings, and one step-sibling. Since she has so many siblings in her life to rely on, it makes sense why she would want to give the same experience to her own kids. Take it from Hudson, who told E! News over the weekend, "...I want a big family and I got a big family."

As her daughter gets older, it will be interesting to see how her family dynamics change and grow over time. But no matter what time may bring, it's clear that it won't change the close relationship between Ryder and Rani.

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