Kate Wants Luke To Open Up In This Exclusive 'Married At First Sight' Clip

Watching Luke and Kate's relationship unfold on Married at First Sight has been something of an endurance test. From the start, no amount of effort on Kate's part was able to overcome Luke's resistance to the relationship. After talking out their issues with Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal, they try to talk to each other — but it goes about as well as you'd expect. When Kate and Luke talk sex on Married at First Sight in this exclusive clip, the conversation gets shut down quickly.

The clip starts in media res, with tense music thunking away while Kate and Luke sit side by side in the car. They do not look happy, which prompts Kate to remark that she can tell Luke is "very angry." In response, Luke merely sighs, a deep and irritated sigh that seems to come from the very depth of his being. Kate tells him that whatever happened before the car ride made her feel "like cr*p" — which is not exactly an unusual occurrence for her and Luke.

MAFS airs every Tuesday on Lifetime, so fans will have to check out the whole episode to see the exact events that preceded the clip. But after Kate's call with Dr. Pepper in the last episode, this chat was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Luke says that he doesn't know how much Kate told Dr. Pepper. Kate explains that she said that she and Luke have been having sex since the honeymoon, but that Luke "get[s] weird about it." Luke immediately accuses Kate of leaving out some key details in this retelling; specifically, he thinks she omitted the fact that she had four glasses of wine.

Kate confirms that she had two glasses of wine on the night in question, then two more that Luke gave her, and that she was drunk before they returned to their room. She says they started talking about sex, which immediately makes Luke uncomfortable. "This is — I hate all of this," he says.

It seems like Luke hates discussing matters this personal on camera, which is understandable on one level — it's definitely awkward, especially if you're a more private person. But he also signed up to be on a reality show about marriage and relationships, and sex is something that comes up for each and every couple. If it's an issue for him and Kate, then it's something they may need to talk about. Especially because it seems like Kate really wants to talk about it, telling Luke, "I wish it felt more normal to have sex."

In response, Luke once again defers. Laughing a little, he replies, "If you want to have this talk on camera, if that's what you want to do, we can do it. I would prefer not to, but if you want to, we can." Seemingly frustrated, Kate acquiesces, but notes that she just wants the truth. She wants Luke to be honest. Presumably she's referring to their relationship and why things are so uncomfortable between them, but the clip ends before the conversation can deepen.

Luke and Kate still have a lot to work out in their relationship; that much is clear. With decision day fast approaching, hopefully they'll be able to find a solution. Even if that means going their separate ways, once and for all.