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Kate Middleton's Gifts From Prince William Over The Years Are Sweet & Thoughtful

by Brianna Wiest

What do you do to celebrate the birthday of one of the most famous members of the royal family? Well, it would take a lot to impress Kate Middleton, a woman who has access to, you know, every jewel, tiara, fashion, and fine dining experience she could ever desire. But Kate Middleton's gifts from Prince William over the years are timeless and romantic, and often imbued with meaning.

Not much is reported on what William gives Kate for her birthdays, or even what they do to celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge's day. However, Good Housekeeping reported that this year, William is scheduled to visit London's Air Ambulance at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on Jan. 9, which would mean he will be missing his wife's birthday. Given that it's probably unlikely that William would miss Kate's birthday if she didn't want him to, this might signal that birthdays aren't a huge deal for the royals, which would also explain why there isn't much info on gifts that he has given her for the day specifically. (This, by the way, is almost refreshingly normal.)

However, that doesn't mean that Kate hasn't been showered in luxurious offerings before. In fact, two years ago, Meghan Markle gave her a birthday gift when they first met, Her reported. Markle gifted her future sister-in-law a leather-bound "dream diary," which Kate reportedly loved.

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But before you begin to feel sorry that Kate might not have a big present to open today, remember that she's received probably the most luxurious gifts you could ever dream of over the years.

In fact, back when she and William were still dating, PopSugar reported that he gifted her a rose-gold Victorian ring with pearls and garnets. Kate was first seen wearing it back in 2005, and royal experts have noted that pearls are William's birthstone, and garnets are Kate's, meaning a lot of thought likely went into it.

But that was truly only the beginning when it came to thoughtful presents for his future wife. Aside from the most famous item he ever gave her — his mother Princess Diana's engagement ring — as well as her traditional Welsh gold wedding band, William also gave Kate a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that match her engagement ring, Marie Claire reported. Though Diana wore them as studs when they were hers, Kate had them redesigned as drop earrings, and was seen wearing them in 2011, shortly after William proposed.

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Though it would almost seem as though Will could never top those romantic gestures, he did, which should seldom come as a surprise. On their third anniversary, Shape reported that he gifted her a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, which retails for anywhere from $4,600 to $161,000, depending on the style. Marie Claire reported that the version Kate received retailed for $6,500. And Shape also noted that the watch featured a matching sapphire, to go with her ring and earrings.

Not to be overshadowed by engagements and anniversaries, William has also given Kate his version of "push presents," or a gift in honor of the birth of a child. Harper's Bazaar reported that it was believed that Kate was given a large citrine ring after Prince Louis was born, though that has not ever been confirmed (and royal watchers think she may have owned the ring far earlier). She also reportedly received gifts after giving birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Regardless, it's clear that Kate is very loved and celebrated by her family, and especially her husband. We'll have to watch closely to see if she debuts any new gems after her birthday today.

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