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Fitness Guru Kayla Itsines Just Announced She's Pregnant With Baby No. 1

Kayla Itsines has changed so many lives with her app, workout guides, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle. And now her own life is being changed in a major way. On Instagram on Wednesday, Kayla Itsines announced she's pregnant with her first child in the most adorable video, ever. I'm not crying, you are.

Itsines is known for teaching people how to get in shape with her bikini body guide (also known as BBG) work out and nutrition plan. But for the next 20 weeks, she's hopefully be showing her followers glimpses of her pregnancy bump.

In the super sweet announcement video, shared to Itstines' Instagram account, Itsines can be seen holding hands with her fiancé, Tobi Pearce. The camera then pans away to show that that Itsines is pregnant — and immediately shows them at Itsines' ultrasound appointment, where fans are able to see her baby on screen.

The entire video is so cinematic and beautiful And in the caption, Itsines told her followers that she is so happy to share this journey with them. "Tobi and I do not even have words to describe how happy and excited we are to bring you this news!" Itsines wrote.

Itsines continued, writing in the caption that she and her fiancé have been ecstatic about this news:

If you don't know already, I come from a big Greek family. FAMILY is always what comes first in my life. To be able to start my own family with the person I love most in this world is just an absolute dream come true. Tobi has been SO supportive, SO EXCITED, and so loving. He comes home every day, hugs and kisses my stomach. He lays on my legs and asks the baby how it's day was. He is at every scan and every appointment. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Itsines also revealed that she is due in May, which means she has five months left in her pregnancy and five months to share all that she can with her loyal and loving followers. And those followers are so happy for the expecting couple.

"OMG such a big congratulations to you both!!" one wrote. "This is such beautiful news."

"Congratulations!!" another added. "Looking forward to the postpartum exercise guide."

"I already see the next version of BBG in the making," another joked. "#BBGWithBaby,"

And Itsines knows her fans are dying to learn more about her pregnancy, which hopefully means she'll answer more questions about it when she's ready.

"I know you ladies probably have 1 million questions," Itsines wrote in the caption of the video. "But for now, let's celebrate this amazing moment together as we are adding one new #BBG member in May next year."

There are so many questions that fans have about her pregnancy like: What is she craving? Has she had any morning sickness? What does her fitness routine look like now? And hopefully, she will answer these questions soon. But until then, people can get familiar with Itsines.

If you haven't heard of her, it's likely that you've heard of her workout app, Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness, or the BBG. Itsines is a fitness and health guru from Australia with a huge following on Instagram, according to Women's Health. After meeting Pearce in a gym at the end of 2012, the couple created the first BBG together in 2014, according to Business Insider, and Itsines' fitness empire grew from there.

Fortunately, it sounds like this won't be the last time that her followers will hear about her pregnancy (yay!!). Congratulations to the very happy couple!

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