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Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Embarrassed Their Teen Daughter On Instagram, Again

There is nothing more embarrassing for kids than to watch their parents engage in public displays of affection. Especially when that PDA is broadcast for their friends (and their millions of followers) to see. But celebrity couples also do this, too — like Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. In a hilarious new post, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos embarrassed their daughter on Instagram (for the second time this month), but it's actually kind of adorable.

Over the weekend, Ripa reposted a video of her husband to Instagram where he lifts up his shirt showing off his insanely ripped abs. "This thirst trap Friday has been brought to you by the letters K and J," Ripa captioned the video, referring to Consuelos' costar, KJ Apa, who posted the video earlier that week.

Ripa has all of the permission in the world to share a video of her husband looking fine. But some people weren't too happy about it — like their 17-year-old daughter, Lola Consuelos. Lola took to the comments of the video where she shared her distaste for her mom and dad's PDA.

"I just reported this," Lola wrote.

But Ripa had the perfect clap back.

"Lola....shouldn't you be reading a book or something?," Ripa asked.

A lesson was learned here — don't mess with mama.

And this hasn't been the first time this month where Lola has been seriously embarrassed by her parents on social media. Earlier this month, Ripa shared a throwback photo of her with Consuelos' arms wrapped around her. "Those hands," Ripa captioned the photo.

Lola was clearly a little grossed out by this bout of PDA.

"Is the caption necessary?," Lola asked in the comments of the post.

"Girl bye," Ripa replied.

Can you blame her?

While Lola has every right to be a little grossed out by her parents plastering their love for one another on Instagram, her parents have just as much permission to share their love for one another. As it turns out, a little parental PDA is beneficial to children.

One 2016 study found a positive correlation between parent PDA and the health of their kids, according to Parents. When the kids reported that their parents had showed affection, they reported that they had "fewer asthma symptoms" and felt healthier.

"Parents should be aware that their children respond emotionally, not only to the direct interactions they have with their parents, but also to...interactions their parents have between each other," the study's co-author, Samuele Zilioli, wrote. "In turn, these children's emotional responses can affect their health."

Bottom line — PDA is healthy for everyone involved, and it seems like Ripa is more than happy to divulge in it, even if their three kids are a little embarrassed by it.

Last year, Ripa told Us Weekly the secret behind her strong marriage of 22 years — loving her husband.

"We like each other, so that helps," Ripa told Us Weekly in November 2018. "But it wasn't always so easy. In the early stages, it's easy to let stuff burn out of control. You want to be right or you want to hear an apology. The stuff we used to argue over in our first year of marriage was like, 'Are you going to breathe next to me?' Those were insane fights!"

"I can't picture my life without him," Ripa added.

Lola and her siblings should be thanking their parents for loving each other so much — even if it is just a little embarrassing.