Ken Bone Auctions His Famous Red-Sweater For Charity & Makes Everyone Love Him More

The election hero that America desperately needs is winning us over yet again. Internet sensation and undecided voter Ken Bone will auction his famous red sweater for charity, making everyone love him even more. His outfit at the second presidential debate was undoubtably iconic. Though he initially intended to wear a "really lovely olive suit," as Bone's described it, he reportedly "split the seat of [his] pants as [he] was getting into my car to leave [for the debate.]" Little did he know, that red quarter zip would soon make all the difference between outright obscurity and sudden viral fame.

Cable-knit and crafted by Izod, Bone's red sweater was arguably the most uplifting part of the knock-down-drag-out event. Thus, Bone quickly became a bright red meme, and now his one-of-a-kind-yet-completely-sold-out quarter-zip is up for auction. Whether your interest be political or purely sartorial, Bone has assured that all proceeds from the sale will "go toward fighting homelessness and to assist with voter registration efforts," reports The Belleville News-Democrat. To own Bone's sweater means to engage in a delicate convergence of pop culture and politics; It's a comforting political artifact representative of an otherwise uncertain era.

Bone remains baffled by the constant media attention and eagerness of those vying to get their hands on his sweater at auction, telling the outlet in an interview, "I sure hope its worth something when we’re able to do it." Though his very recent endorsement of uberSELECT has some Bone fans heated, there are plenty of day ones who still dig the guy and will likely come to bat for him.

Pre-debate, Bone had amassed seven Twitter followers. As of Thursday, he's at 221,000. It seems his celebrity could be here to stay, but Bone remains bashful while still focusing on what matters:

I'm sure this will be over in a couple of days. But as long as people are paying attention to me, I'm glad that I'm able to bring to light the issues and spark the energy debate, and tell people they need to get out and vote and make their voice heard.

If you can't snag Bone's red sweater, you're in luck: He's selling t-shirts with his face on them, as he's posted on Twitter. They're only for a limited time and in short supply, so act now if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Sweater aside, one can't help but wonder if all of this attention has helped clarify Bone's politics. According to his Twitter bio, the answer is... not quite. As a "somewhat reluctant, undecided, cuddly internet political faceman," Bone appears to still be grappling with who to vote for in November. This act of charity, though, shows that, whoever he votes for a month from now, his heart is pure and definitely in the right place.