Kendra Duggar's Quotes About Being A Mom Proves She Wants A Big Family

Joseph and Kendra Duggar are expanding their family within a matter of months. The parents to their 1-year-old son, Garrett David Duggar, and stars of TLC's Counting On are expecting a baby girl due sometime in the fall — but they're more than ready for her arrival. Although she's a bit more quiet about parenting (at least publicly), Kendra Duggar's quotes about motherhood so far do show she is ready to be a mother of two, even if she doesn't talk about it all of the time.

Just because Joe and Kendra might share the spotlight with the Duggar siblings on Counting On, it doesn't mean they're the most outspoken Duggar couple. In fact, they're quite shy. While the storylines on Counting On focus around some very exciting moments in the Duggar siblings lives, Joe and Kendra often take a back seat, allowing cameras to capture the super sweet moments between them and their little one. Instead of constantly sharing photos of their son to social media, the couple chooses to use Instagram to make important announcements.

But, that isn't to say that she doesn't have some thoughts to share about motherhood. Although Kendra might be one of the more quiet cast members of Counting On, she always has something insightful to say about being a mom — especially when it comes time to talking about the future.

When Kendra announced that she was expecting her second child, she told Us Weekly that she and Joe were more than ready to become parents for a second time. "Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined," she said. "We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone."

Kendra has also touched on the simple moments of being a mom and how they've brought her closer to others. Kendra's mom, Christina Caldwell, was pregnant at the same exact time she was, and Kendra said during an episode of Counting On that this brought them closer together. "It's just amazing how, just realizing how she's done this so many times over, and how painful, and challenging, and hard it can be," she said. "And just how she's done it anyways — it's given me a greater appreciation for how much she has done for me."

Not to mention, she loves watching her little boy grow up. During a recent episode of Counting On, Kendra told her mom how much fun she has been having while raising her son. "It's been so much fun having him," she said. "Each new stage of just seeing him smile, and reach for things — everything has been so sweet. He's been talking more and he's been wiggling in his bed."

Based on how much Kendra loves being a mom, it makes sense why she would be so quick to expand her family. But, in her pregnancy announcement video, she told TLC that she was "in shock" when the test came back positive. "When I found out I was expecting, I was at first really shocked, and then I was super excited, and then I just couldn't believe it was really happening," she said. "And then I was just really excited again. There was just so many emotions; we are so thrilled."

"We're really looking forward to just going from one to two, and just seeing what the adventures holds, and just trying to raise two little ones," she added.

This falls in line with what Kendra said after she found out that they were expecting a baby girl. "Parenting has already proven to be more wonderful than we could have dreamed," she told the Duggar Family Blog at the time. "Even though we come from large families, there is nothing like having your own children. We are so thrilled that a little girl will be joining our family! Garrett is going to be a great big brother."

When it comes to talking about motherhood, Kendra's quotes prove that they're only looking forward towards the future when it comes to being parents, and they're more than ready to grow their family right now. She's more than prepared for it.