Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kenny & Rachel Had A Bittersweet Moment On 'The Bachelorette'

by Anna Rose Iovine

This season of The Bachelorette has approached the best/worst part: where the eliminations start to affect both the Bachelorette and the contestant. From here on out, rose ceremonies are going to be harder for Rachel because she's built a connection with everyone at this point. This was the cast with Kenny, who had a unique elimination on Tuesday night's bonus episode. Kenny edged out Lee in the infamous two-on-one date and made it to Copenhagen for a Viking-themed group date... but he couldn't handle the competition anymore. Kenny's elimination on The Bachelorette was a hard decision for both him and Rachel.

Kenny's dealt with a lot while on the show. First, he had to be away from his 10-year-old daughter McKenzie, whom he adores. When Kenny wasn't talking about his job as a professional wrestler, he was talking about — or FaceTiming with — her. Then, Kenny had a feud with one of the most problematic Bachelorette contestants I've ever seen, Lee (yes, even more problematic than Chad from JoJo's season — at least in my opinion). Thankfully, he was able to rise above Lee's tactics and beat him out on a two-on-one date, and made it to Denmark for his chance to win over Rachel.

It seemed that Rachel and Kenny's relationship was blossoming, but Kenny couldn't help but miss McKenzie. After the group date activity, even the other contestants could tell something was up emotionally with him. Kenny took Rachel aside and told her the truth: he really missed McKenzie, but he was interested in this relationship, too. He was conflicted, but ultimately wanted to go home to be with his daughter. Rachel supported his decision, and even told him that she's been in this situation before when she dated someone with a child.

Kenny had a unique elimination in that it was mutual. It's not that Kenny was over Rachel, or vice-versa, but he couldn't bare being away from his daughter anymore. Especially after the emotional rollercoaster of the Lee feud, Kenny had had it. He decided to bow out and on the ride away from Copenhagen, he was already FaceTiming McKenzie to let her know he was heading home. Kenny and Rachel had an amicable departure and, while Bachelor Nation may be disappointed, it's clear that it was what was best for him.