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Khal Drogo From 'Game Of Thrones' Would Have Made A Great Father & Here Are 5 Reasons Why

by Zakiya Jamal

Khal Drogo and Daenerys are the best Game of Thrones love story. Although Khal Drogo and Daenerys' relationship began with a forced marriage, their relationship quickly turned into something more. Once Daenerys stop letting Drogo take the lead — and she stood up for herself — she became his Khalessi, the moon of his life. The two were a formidable pair, working side-by-side to rule and conquer. It was clear they loved each other deeply, and there was no doubt that Khal would have made a great father on Game of Thrones.

Daenerys changed Drogo in many ways. He became more compassionate and listened to her political advice. He supported her in every way, even killing her brother Viserys, when he threatened Daenerys and the baby, and promised to take the Iron Throne back for their child.

Unfortunately, as tends to happen to our favorite characters on Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo was killed. Whether it was from the cut he received in battle, or the black magic the priestess used, Daenerys lost not only her husband, but their son too. I'm starting to think, George R.R. Martin hates us.

But what would've happened if Drogo and their son, Rhaego, survived? Here's just a few reasons why I think Drogo would've made an amazing dad.

Drogo Was Very Protective Of His Son

Anytime Daenerys was put in even the slightest bit of danger while she was pregnant, Drogo was immediately concerned. Of course, he loved Daenerys and a lot of that concern was for her, but when he reached his hand down to her stomach you knew he was worried about his son, too.

Drogo Would've Been A Proud Father

When Daenerys spoke up for herself against Mago, Drogo believed it was because his son was making Daenerys more fierce. Ignoring the bit of sexism in that statement, it's clear Drogo had high hopes for his son — that he would accomplish great things. Drogo believed Rhaego would be a fierce warrior and the ruler of the seven kingdoms.

Drogo Wanted To Give His Son The World

Most parents want to make sure their child has the best, and for Drogo that meant securing the Iron Throne for his son. Although Drogo was originally against the idea of going after the Iron Throne, when a man from King's Landing came to kill Daenerys, Drogo bestows he gift to Rhaego promising him "the iron chair his mother's father sat upon."

Drogo Would've Taught Rhaego How To Be A Good Ruler

Drogo always ruled fairly and did what he felt was right. For example, when Viserys threatened Daenerys, Drogo knew he couldn't spill blood in the tent because it went against the ways of his people. Instead, he found a more creative way to kill Viserys. If Rhaego would have become the king of King's Landing, he would've been a much better ruler than Joffery because Drogo would've taught him to do what's right and follow the ways of the Dothraki.

He Would've Loved His Son Unconditionally

Drogo probably didn't plan on falling in love with Danerys, but he did. And once she became the moon of his life, and he became her sun and stars, there was nothing that could come between them. The love they shared would have only been increased with the addition of their son. Rhaego would've been a part of both them, and both Danerys and Drogo would've loved him just as much as they loved each other.