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Khloe Kardashian Asked Twitter For Help Finding This Special Toy For Baby True

Ah, celebrities. Judging by their lavish parties, their endless cutting-edge wardrobes, and their expansive mansions — all of which they make sure to highlight via social media — it can definitely seem like they have it all. But sometimes, even these rich and famous trendsetters wind up needing recommendations from fans when it comes to products outside their realm of expertise. Recently, Khloé Kardashian asked Twitter for help finding this special toy for baby True — and moms came through.

On Thursday, Dec. 27, Kardashian took to Twitter to vent about her dissatisfaction with baby dolls. "Baby dolls are terrifying these days!" the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tweeted. "Why are they making these dolls so scary looking?" Although this observation seemingly came out of the blue, the mom of 8-month-old True Thompson quickly shed some light on the meaning behind this tweet. Just a few minutes later, she followed up with, “Anyone know what brand makes a sweet looking biracial baby doll?” according to Us Weekly. "Nothing too life like. Those silicone babies really freak me out! Some look so real and some look (face-palm emoji.)" And it didn't take long for Kardashian's Twitter followers to step up with a flood of suggestions.

Some followers' suggestions were legitimate. But others? Well ... Not so much. One Twitter user simply shared an image from Khloé's little sister, Kylie Jenner's recent Barbie-inspired photoshoot — which was apparently her Halloween costume, according to People. (LOL. But yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not what Kardashian was looking for.)

The Good American designer also tweeted a screenshot of ultra-realistic dolls she had found during her online search. "Why though?” Kardashian tweeted. “Since when did they make baby doll private parts?? And who can I speak to about these belly buttons?”

In addition to offering a plethora of doll suggestions to Kardashian, fans came through to explain the many uses for these hyper-realistic dolls — noting they're not really meant as children's play things. One follower commented, "I know people with Alzheimers have baby dolls like these because it does help with their sickness." Khloé made it a point to re-tweet this particular comment, writing, "Awwwww, " along with heart emojis.

Kardashian re-tweeted another follower's explanation for these types of dolls. "They’re reborns. They’re more for collecting than for children to play with. That’s why. They’ve been around for a long time, usually used for women that have experienced infertility or infant/pregnancy loss.

Ultimately, Twitter came through for the frustrated mama. That's because Kardashian ended up buying a Götz Baby Doll from Bottery Barn Kids, which was recommended by a fan. “Bought Natasha,” she tweeted, along with a heart emoji.

As inconsequential as a biracial doll might seem in the big scheme of things, having a variety of toys that are both diverse and represent the kids who are playing with them can actually have a big impact. "[Diverse] dolls give kids a more robust and healthy sense of the world and of themselves," Samantha Knowles, director of the documentary Why Do You Have Black Dolls?, told HuffPost. She added, "When you're seven years old, an action figure modeled after you is empowering."

Clearly, Khloé Kardashian is aware of the importance of having a doll that looks like her daughter. And thanks to her amazing Twitter followers she managed to find the perfect fit. Once again, the power of the internet saves the day!

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