Khloé K May Be Facing A Scary Pregnancy Complication According To This Teaser Clip

Since the time Khloé Kardashian announced that she was expecting her first child, people have been obsessed with the details about her pregnancy, every step of the way. People are dying to know more about her pregnancy — from the sex of the baby, her birth plan, to what she plans to name her baby-to-be. And Khloé has been pretty open about all of the highlights from her pregnancy, but she's been honest with fans about the not so great parts, too. In a preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it looks like Khloe experienced some kind of pregnancy complication and her fans immediately became worried about the mom-to-be.

In an early (and small) preview for an episode of KUWTK, airing this Sunday, Feb. 25, Khloé gets real about her pregnancy. In the clip, she revealed to her sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, that she might not be experiencing the smoothest pregnancy. "Literally I can't walk," Khloé said in the preview.

Luckily, her older sisters who are seasoned pros when it comes to pregnancy (they've had three children each) are there to lend a listening ear and provide some helpful advice. "Can you text your doctor right now?" Kourtney asked her sister in the clip, where Khloé is seen visiting her doctor and getting an ultrasound. But, because the clip is so short (and the episode hasn't aired yet), it is unclear what kind of complications Khloé was experiencing and if the doctor found anything wrong with Khloé or her baby.

In the short 15 seconds the clip runs for, it builds a lot of tension and anxiety around Khloé's pregnancy, which is very scary for KUWTK super fans, especially those who are super invested with Khloé's pregnancy. Fans have already taken to the comments of the YouTube video to express their fears and well wishes for Khloé. "I know you can make it Khloe, I know you can," one commenter wrote. "I am praying for her...I hope she gets better...I am praying that everything is OK with her and the baby," another commenter wrote.

It's understandable why fans might be scared for Khloé, especially since her due date isn't that far away. Khloé is now in her last trimester and will be around eight months pregnant next week, according to People. So, it is only natural for people to be scared for Khloé knowing the baby's arrival is impending. But this isn't the first time that Khloé has been honest with fans about these intimate moments of her pregnancy.

Last week, for example, Khloé got real about the subject of having sex while pregnant, according to E! News. "As I got into my third trimester and started to get bigger, it became harder to have sex and a little more uncomfortable and limiting," Khloé said. This frankness about the not so great parts about pregnancy — from the complications with your body to the complications with having sex — is something that is so admirable.

And aside from what is seen in this preview from the new episode, it seems like Khloé has been a big fan of pregnancy throughout her whole entire journey so far. "I am enjoying every moment!," Khloé tweeted in January, according to HuffPost. "I love it all!" Although Khloé might have been experiencing complications in front of the cameras, Khloé and her boyfriend, NBA basketball player Tristan Thompson, were all smiles over the weekend as they attended festivities held in honor of the NBA All Star game, according to People.

Fans will find out soon enough what exactly was happening with Khloé and what, if any, pregnancy complications she dealt with when the new episode of KUWTK airs this Sunday.

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