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Khloé Is Still Exhausted Despite True Sleeping For 8 Hours, & Moms Know That Struggle

Caring for an infant comes with different challenges for every parent. But one thing most parents would probably agree on is that it would be great if their baby would just sleep through the dang night! That magical moment finally happened for Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's 7-week-old baby, True Thompson, who slept for eight hours straight Thursday night. However, that was not enough to cure mama's exhaustion. Khloe Kardashian says she is still exhausted, despite True sleeping through the night, and new parents will definitely understand.

The morning after True's marathon sleep, Kardashian posted a series of videos to her Snapchat story, which seemed to be taken from True's nursery. In true Kardashian fashion, she wore a voice-changing, pink teddy bear filter for the whole story.

“So last night, my girl slept from 7:30 p.m. and woke up at 3:38 a.m. She slept that entire time," Kardashian said in the video. "That’s a huge blessing, let me tell you. And I’m just so proud of her!” Kardashian then turns her head to face True, off-camera, and coos, "Mama, you’re so perfect, my girl. Thank you, my love.”

“Even though I thought I would be super rested, I am just so exhausted," Kardashian continued. "But I’ve come to the realization that I’m gonna be pretty tired for a long-ass time. But it’s all good. I’m kind of excited.”

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OK, so waking up at 3:38 a.m. isn't quite sleeping through the night — but it's still definitely a huge accomplishment for True, considering many babies don't start sleeping for eight hours at a time until they are 6 months old.

It's recommended that newborns get 14-17 hours of sleep a day, according to The National Sleep Foundation. Plus, the American Sleep Association (ASA) explained that babies need sleep to help them grow and develop:

A lot of sleep is important for newborns and is one of the most important things for growth and development. It helps babies to grow physically and psychologically.

The ASA added that babies have shorter sleep cycles than adults, meaning they are easily awakened, thus explaining why babies often sleep for such short periods of time.

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Kardashian did not reveal the sorcery that helped get True to stay asleep for eight hours, but she did recently reveal one sleepy time hack she sometimes uses. In a blog post on her website earlier this week, Kardashian opened up about the sound machine she uses to help lull True to sleep. Kardashian wrote on her blog:

Every time True takes a nap, I play a sound machine. It's like white noise, so it blocks out any disruptive sounds around the house, like a vacuum or lawn mower. Also, when she hears the noise, it already kind of puts her in the state that she's going to sleep, so she's relaxed. I know babies are unpredictable and things can change every day, but for now, this has worked like a charm!

While playing white noise for your baby is effective, it also can pose several risks. A study published by Pediatrics found that white noise machines can damage infant hearing and auditory development. The study's authors recommend putting the machine on the other end of the room from the baby, keeping the volume as low as possible, and only playing white noise for short amounts of time. As long as you heed those guidelines, you most likely won't have anything to worry about.

Even though True slept for so many hours in a row, it's totally understandable that Kardashian is still exhausted, considering True woke up at 3:38 a.m. and parents are usually in a perpetual state of exhaustion for the first few months (years?) of their kid's life. Here's hoping tonight brings yet another long sleep for baby True.