Khloé Kardashian Named Just One Of Her Sisters To Be Baby True's Legal Guardian

by Brianna Wiest

There are a lot of very serious decisions to be made when you decide to have a baby, not least among them planning for what would happen to them in terms of guardianship if were something to happen to you. Though it's never pleasant to meditate on what you'd do if you were no longer around to care for your child, having a plan for the worst case scenario is absolutely essential for their future well-being. With that being said, deciding who in your life will get the major responsibility of raising your child is not always a simple thing to sort out. In fact, Khloé Kardashian named one of her sisters as True's legal guardian, and the family feud continues as another who wasn't picked expresses her "disappointment."

In a clip for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé is seen with her sisters Kim and Kourtney while she's still pregnant, announcing who between them would be responsible for the care of her daughter.

“So I can’t make anything official until after the baby is born, but I am going to probably have Kim as the legal guardian if, God forbid, something happens,” Khloé began, as People reported. “Just because I don’t know my parenting style until I have a baby, but from what I envision my parenting style to be, I do think it will be more like Kim — a lot more stricter.”

She continued, as People reported: “Watching Kimberly be a mom, I really respect her parenting skills — not that I don’t respect Kourtney’s, I relate to how Kim parents more. But at the end of the day, this family is so close and we love each other so much and if anything, God forbid, were to happen, I know my daughter is in the best of hands no matter who her legal guardian is.”

Of course, that would mean that Kourtney was not given responsibility of her daughter, to which she said: “Guess what? You don’t have to give me an explanation. I’ve got three kids and I’m busy on my own.”

However, things got really tense when Kourtney told her sisters that she understands how difficult it is to choose your children's guardian, as she had already gone back and forth between Kim and Khloé, and at the present moment, Kim was no longer legally listed as a guardian of her children, Mason, Penelope and Reign, and that the responsibility had since been passed to Khloé.

When Kim inquired as to why she was no longer being listed as a guardian, Kourtney replied: "Just like, your moral values."

Of course, the release of the clip follows Kourtney and Kim's epic fight last month, as Refinery 29 reported, but Kourtney questioning Kim's "morals" and "values" happened prior to the blow out.

Either way, Khloé Kardashian went on to say that as she comes from a big family that "loves each other so much," she's confident that if something were to happen to her, everyone would pitch in to help raise her daughter, True, who was born earlier this year.

As far as how Kourtney feels about the situation? She says she's "disappointed," but not unconvinced that Khloé won't change her mind.

“I mean, I’m a little bit disappointed that I’m not the guardian, but honestly, you don’t know what your parenting style is until you have kids,” Kourtney said. “So I think once Khloé has her own daughter and is really a mom, then maybe she will realize that we have more in common than she thinks as far as parenting styles. You never know! Khloé might switch back to me.”

Whether she does or whether she doesn't is yet to be seen... we'll have to keep up on keeping up.