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True's Christmas Gift From Tristan Thompson Was So Perfect

This is one Christmas that the Kardashian family is going to remember probably forever. After Khloé Kardashian welcomed her first daughter, True Thompson, in April with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, she is now celebrating her daughter's first Christmas (which is so exciting) and is also sharing those moments with fans. So, her followers will love that Khloé Kardashian shared Tristan Thompson's Christmas gift to True, because it makes all the sense in the world.

On Christmas Eve, Kardashian took to her Instagram story where she shared glimpses of her and True before heading to the family's annual Christmas Eve bash. On her story, Kardashian shared photos and videos of the gifts that she and True had received, just in time for Christmas. But the best gift of all came from Kardashian's boyfriend (and True's father), Tristan Thompson.

In a post on her Instagram story, a bunch of Nike sneakers (small enough for True) can be seen, sprawled out on Kardashian's floor. "Thank you, Daddy," Kardashian wrote on the photo. So it seems that that these shoes were a gift to True, from Thompson, for her first Christmas. It makes complete sense as to why Thompson would gift his daughter pairs of sneakers — he's a basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And it's never too early for his daughter to take a walk in his shoes, literally.

Thompson is also sponsored by Nike, according to TMZ, so it's likely that her closet has a lot more Nike items in it that fans haven't seen. But regardless of this, these shoes are the perfect gift for True. Since True is eight months old (she turns a year old in April), she will soon be walking in the new year.

So, it makes sense that Thompson would make sure that his daughter has plenty of shoes for when she does begin to walk within a matter of time. And with those four sweet pairs of sneakers, she's basically covered. But it might take a while for True to start walking. In a post on her website on Thanksgiving, Kardashian revealed that True is barely crawling, according to E! News (although she can say "Dada").

But it's a little unclear why Kardashian wasn't able to thank Thompson in person for True's gifts. Although Khloé never detailed if she was spending the holiday with her boyfriend, there are a few signs that couple might have spent the holiday apart, after they spent Thanksgiving together in Cleveland, Ohio, according to E! News.

Thompson had a basketball game in Cleveland on Sunday, according to Elite Daily, and has a basketball game tomorrow in Memphis, so he likely didn't have the time to fly to Los Angeles. His Instagram Story from Christmas Eve showed that he was watching Christmas movies at home.

But Kardashian and True were doing something much different on Christmas Eve — they were attending the family's annual Christmas Eve party in California. This was evidenced on her sister, Kim Kardashian's Instagram Story, where she captured Khloé and True wearing the cutest matching outfit at the Christmas Eve bash.

The party not only boasted an all-star guest list (with all of the Kardashian siblings and their kids in attendance) but guests also enjoyed listening to John Legend sing Christmas carols (live, in person) and a mountain of fake snow for sledding, according to People. Based on all of the Instagram posts from the party, it looked absolutely incredible.

And it was the perfect way for the family to celebrate the amazing year they've had with all of the new babies in attendance. In 2018, the Kardashian family welcomed three new additions to the family, according to People, and all three babies are experiencing Christmas for the very first time. This was definitely the way to do it.

Needless to say, this Christmas has been a very good one for True, thanks in part to all of her family members who made her first Christmas so memorable.

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