Khloé K. Shares Why She Feels Guilty About Mom-Shaming Her Sister Before Becoming A Mom Herself

Khloé Kardashian welcomed her adorable 5-month-old daughter, True, in April. And ever since Kardashian has become a mom, she has experienced a lot of change in her life, especially where it concerns her views about parenting. The transition into parenthood has been so intense, in fact, that Khloé Kardashian now feels guilty about mom-shaming Kourtney Kardashian over the years.

You don't have to keep tabs on Kardashian to know that she is all about baby True these days. From sharing countless photos of the infant to Instagram to her many interviews about parenthood, it's clear True is her world right now.

Khloé has always put family first, but having True has only solidified that for her,” an insider told Us Weekly about Kardashian's new obsession. “Khloé’s schedule revolves around True, and [she] doesn’t want to miss a moment with her when she is awake.”

The new mom also admitted that some aspects of motherhood have surprised her, like her newfound sense of patience.

“I think what surprises me most is no matter how tired you are, you find this energy and patience for your child,” she shared back in May, according to MSN. “You know that babies are so helpless and they rely on you for everything. So something just takes over and you find the energy to care for this helpless precious baby.”

But the most surprising thing about motherhood for Kardashian? Look no further than her new attitude about Kourtney's parenting journey. Kardashian's change of heart came to be after she experienced many "crazy" mornings with True, telling Us Weekly:

I’m still in my pajamas right now, I’ve been up since five, I have not had a second to even change my clothes. I haven’t even washed my face, my morning has been so crazy.

Now that Kardashian knows how hectic #MomLife can get, she now views mom-of-three Kourtney in a different light.

“I feel bad that I used to call Kourtney and be like, ‘Oh, God. You look so Mom.' I feel bad that I used to do that," she added. "I’m gonna apologize to Kourt."

Kardashian wasn't fibbing when she admitted to mom-shaming Kourtney in the past. The reality star has poked fun at Kourtney's commitment to keeping her kids on a strict organic diet, while also questioning her strong views about plastic toys.

You can never have a plastic toy, ever!” Kardashian joked about Kourtney's parenting advice, according to People. “If someone buys blocks, I’m allowed to have blocks!"

Of course, it's OK to have different opinions about parenting. And it's important to note that parenting styles can evolve over time, a sentiment Kourtney addressed when she wasn't chosen as True's potential guardian. She explained, according to TooFab:

I mean, I'm a little bit disappointed that I'm not the guardian. But honestly you don't know what your parenting style is until you have kids. I think once Khloe has her own daughter and she's really a mom she will realize we have more in common than she thinks in terms of parenting styles. You never know, Khloe might switch back to me.

Although Kourtney and Kardashian do have their differences, they also have a lot in common concerning motherhood. Both moms are obsessed with their kiddos, and every decision they make comes from a place of love.

Kardashian is also aware that there isn't one "right" way to parent. She shared, according to Us Weekly:

Even though I’m not big on taking advice — I don’t believe there’s only one-way-or-the-highway and we all have to adapt into our own routines. It’s so comforting to know that I have sisters whom I can ask about anything that may come up. Just by observing them as moms, I’ve already learned so much.

Yep, I think there's a good chance Kardashian will be able to make amends with Kourtney regarding the whole mom-shaming thing. At the end of the day, the moms share more similarities than they do differences.