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Khloé Kardashian's Daughter Is Already Into Makeup, Which Makes So Much Sense

Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True Thompson, is not even a year old, but she's already figuring out her hobbies. Let's be real, in a family like the Kardashian's, everyone has to be doing something. So, of course, Khloé Kardashian's daughter is already into makeup, especially since she comes from a family of makeup moguls.

On Thursday, Kardashian took to Instagram (like she does most days), to share another super cute photo of her daughter, True, who she welcomed into the world with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, last year. But this might have been her cutest photo that she has shared of True, yet, if only because it shows so much of her little girl's personality. Although Thompson is professional basketball player, it definitely seems like True will be taking after her mom and her family.

In the photo, True can be seen sitting in the sink, in the bathroom, surrounded by so much makeup, and wearing such a glamorous outfit. She looks so happy to be "getting ready" in the mirror — but in reality, she was probably so happy to finally get her hands on her mom's makeup.

Judging from the pure joy on her face, one could safely assume that True is going to be the next Kardashian family beauty guru. Even Kardashian seems to think so.

"True's makeup tutorial will be uploaded shortly," she captioned the photo. "Ok, calm down. I'm just kidding about the tutorial guys."

But it seems like Kardashian's followers wouldn't mind seeing a makeup tutorial starring her super cute daughter. Those followers took to the comments section of her Instagram post to gush over how cute the little girl is.

"I can't," Khloé's older sister, Kim Kardashian, wrote.

"Can I have her?," Khloé's other sister, Kourtney Kardashian, added.

"I literally would watch," friend, Scotty Kunha, wrote.

"But I'm here for her tutorial though," family friend, Tracy Romulus, added.

Although the date of True's makeup tutorial is TBD (give her a chance to learn how to say a few words, first), it's clear that Khloé's friends and fans would definitely support her daughter in her endeavors. But even Khloé isn't sure if she's ready for True to grow up and start wearing makeup just yet. Khloé, who just came out with a collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, told E! News on Thursday:

She started [playing with makeup] this morning. The mirrored packaging I think is really irresistible to a nine month old...Makeup is supposed to be fun. We're all already beautiful. I think people take makeup too seriously or they judge it too harshly...I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 14. I think it was a blue eyeshadow. I don't know why anyone let me do that. So, I think I might steer her in the right color direction.

As previously stated, makeup practically runs in the Kardashian family's veins. Not only does Khloé have her own makeup collaboration (which is out in stores, now), but her sisters, Kim and Kylie Jenner have their own makeup lines.

And True's cousins have certainly expressed their interest in makeup. Kim's daughter, North West, has been documented giving her mom some serious makeovers. And Jenner has stated that her daughter, Stormi Webster, could very well take over the family business (Jenner's makeup line) one day, according to Forbes.

Whether True gets in to makeup or not will be anyone's guess. But when that day comes, she will have plenty of makeup to play with, thanks to her mom.