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Here's How Khloé Kardashian Is Spending Her First Thanksgiving With Baby True

After Khloé Kardashian became a mom earlier this year, every single milestone and holiday is something brand new to her. With Thanksgiving just days away, Kardashian is going to experience her first feast with her baby girl eating next to her. But, fans might be surprised to know that Khloé Kardashian's first Thanksgiving with baby True will reportedly take place away from her hometown of Calabasas, California — which means she might be spending the holiday away from her famous family members, too.

Kardashian gave birth to True, her first child, in April, according to People — and since then, she has continued to sing the praises of motherhood. Since giving birth, Kardashian hasn't stopped talking about how much she loves being a mom and how much her daughter lights up her world, especially on her social media accounts. And because of this, her Thanksgiving is going to be so much better this year — because she has so much more to be thankful for.

But, Kardashian might not be spending her Thanksgiving this year with her super famous siblings, nieces, and nephews. Instead, she will reportedly spend her Thanksgiving with her boyfriend (and True's father) Tristan Thompson in Cleveland, Ohio, according to E! News.

But Kardashian's reasoning for this is actually super sweet — it's because she reportedly wants to start her own traditions for the holidays with her little family.

A source explained to E! News that the timing worked out perfectly for Kardashian to be with her family in Cleveland. The source told E! News:

Tristan's schedule worked out so they could spend Thanksgiving in Cleveland. It's True's first Thanksgiving and Khloé wants to spend it as a family. It's very important to her that True has her own family traditions and is with both her mom and dad.

It would make sense for Kardashian to spend Thanksgiving in Cleveland. In addition to Thompson living (and working) in the city, Kardashian also reportedly moved back to Cleveland earlier this fall after spending her summer in California, according to People. It's probably hard for Kardashian to live in two places at once — and as much as she loves her family members, she's just as devoted to her family and being a dedicated mom to True. So, people shouldn't be surprised when they don't see Kardashian in photos with the rest of her family members next week.

This isn't a far cry from how Kardashian spent her Thanksgiving last year or two years ago in 2016. In both 2016 and 2017, Kardashian hosted her Thanksgiving in Cleveland as well, according to People, and even talked about this on her blog. Kardashian wrote about her experiences hosting Thanksgiving, according to People, explaining how successful it had been for her. Kardashian said:

Last year was the first time I did it completely on my own and I was really proud of myself for accomplishing it all. I did it! And seeing everybody go back for seconds made me even happier! It lets you know everyone really likes the food.

Kardashian also wrote on her blog that she was used to hosting Thanksgiving in California (where her family would help her out with the cooking), but she has no problem doing it all on her own in Cleveland. But who wouldn't enjoy cooking Thanksgiving with a menu like Kardashian's? Last Thanksgiving, Kardashian wrote on her blog that she makes foods like sweet potato soufflé, sweet creamed corn, macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving, according to People. That sounds like one incredible menu.

Although some fans might be disappointed to not see another photo of True with her super adorable cousins this Thanksgiving, rest assured the wait be too long. The Kardashian family is known for their super elaborate Christmas celebrations — and that's a little more than a month away. So, the siblings and cousins will be reunited in no time.

Based on the fact that she has spent the past two Thanksgivings in Cleveland, it's safe to say that Kardashian won't be too sad about spending this holiday away from her family. Instead, she is creating traditions of her own.