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Get Your Kid These Disney, Star Wars, & Marvel Style Boxes & Win At Parenting

If you've got a kiddo who's obsessed with Jedi knights, superheroes, and all things Disney, there's a new style box that's absolutely perfect for them. KIDBOX's Disney, Star Wars galaxy, and Marvel-themed boxes are rolling out this summer, and they're a great way to score kids' character clothing and accessories at a discount.

Stars Wars and Avengers-themed boxes are debuting first, with Mickey and Minnie Mouse boxes to follow later this summer. Each box contains a variety of clothing and accessories for $48. The Avengers box, for example, comes with four fun pieces featuring characters like Captain America, Black Panther, the Hulk, Thor, and more. There are two T-shirts, a shirt and shorts set, plus a fun blanket.

There's also a Spider-Man specific box for kids who can't get enough of the friendly neighborhood crimefighter (and who are getting pumped for the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Far From Home). It includes three T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a pillowcase.

My personal favorite, however, has to be the Star Wars box targeted for girls, because it isn't always easy to find character merchandise in pink (my 3-year-old's favorite color). It comes with two T-shirts, plus a lunch bag with thermos.

Courtesy of KIDBOX

All of the new, limited-edition boxes are being offered in sizes 2T to 12 for both boys and girls. Other characters from the Disney, Star Wars and Marvel universes will be unveiled throughout the year as well.

And in case you, as a parent, would like to add some non-themed options to the mix, you can sign up for KIDBOX's subscription service to build up your kiddo's wardrobe. The company works with over 160 brands, and the pieces that are sent to you aren't just randomly chosen. The company's website notes that expert stylists work with proprietary data (gleaned from the style quiz) to put together the perfect box. That quiz considers info like how active your child is, their likes and dislikes, their personality, and more. You can also add in comments about what sort of pieces you prefer or need more of to make sure the items you're sent will work for you (for example, you can let them know that you're interested in bottoms that are easy to pull up and down for a child who's potty-training).

Baby boxes come in size newborn to 24 months, and typically include five to six items for $68. That works out to around $11 to $13 per piece. Kids boxes, which start in size 2T and go up to size 14 for girls or 16 for boys, include six to seven items for $98. That's between $14 and $16 per piece. With typical boxes, you only pay for what you want to keep and there's free shipping both ways, so you're not losing money if you decide you're not loving the selections. (The limited-edition boxes, however, work a little differently — you have to either keep everything or return everything).

If you're tempted to try out KIDBOX but are still on the fence, learning about the company's charitable mission may be the deciding factor. KIDBOX bills itself as a great way to teach your child about kindness and giving to people in need: For every full box you keep, the company donates clothing to a child in need (a press release stated they've donated over $15 million in new clothing to date) — living up to its "Look Good, Do Good" motto.