Your child's love of rain boots is really about their love of exploring and play.
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The Reason Why Kids Love Rain Boots So Much Will Make You Want To Buy Them 30 Pairs

Rain, rain go away.... said no kid ever. Simply put, children love rainy days because it means excitedly splashing in puddles, catching rain drops with their tongues, and of course, putting on their rain boots before they go outside. But why do kids love rain boots so much? I swear, most of the time I see a kid in rain boots on a sunny day. But it turns out that besides the obvious fun designs and puddle stomping factor, rain boots simply represent the keys to the kingdom to a child. Pulling on their rain boots signals it's time to go outside, it's time to explore a puddle or two (even if that puddle is mostly mud), and most of all, it's time for adventure. That's an empowering feeling for a child to experience.

Alice Callahan, PhD and author of The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby's First Year, wrote a wonderful post on her blog in 2012 called "Every Kid Deserves a Good Pair of Boots." Callahan writes on her website, "A good pair of boots is empowering. With rain boots, there is no reason for my daughter to be afraid of a little water. No soggy socks or frozen toes. No mama groaning about another pair of ruined shoes. These boots — along with a rain jacket and pants — are impenetrable."

When I touch base with Callahan about this post, her sentiments remain the same, even though her children are much older now. She tells Romper, "New rain boots have become a seasonal tradition for us, and I have realized that having warm and dry feet no matter the weather is essential if we expect our kids to play happily outside during the wet season. We buy a new pair of boots for both kids every fall now, and they wear them all through the fall, winter, and spring. Good boots unlock so much outdoor playtime — and yes, puddle-splashing is a perennial favorite. And honestly, good boots are essential for parents, because I hate to be the one who says it's time to go inside because I'm cold, when my kids are still happily playing in the rain."


Angela Hanscom, pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Timbernook, tells Romper, "Playing in various types of weather will inspire different sorts of play schemes. For instance, playing on dirt may inspire a child to play one way, playing in giant mud puddles can take play in a whole new direction, and playing in wet, cold snow and splashing in giant mud puddles offers novel experiences that challenge and enrich children's sensory experiences. It also helps to build resilience to new situations and sensations."

Now, from a parent's perspective, I just want my kids' feet to stay dry. I want my child to be able to stomp to her heart's content, of course, but when she gets home, I want those little toes dry and cozy, thanks to a sturdy and slip-free pair of rain boots. I'm looking for solid traction, insulation for extra warmth, and handles, if possible, to make them easy to pull on and off. Personally, my children have loved their Bogs rain boots over the years, and the brand continues to check all those boxes for us. But any type of rain boot will do for a child ready to explore. Even in the warmer months, rain boots can protect their feet and legs from mosquitos, ants, and even critters like snakes hiding in pine straw as they romp and play.

But honestly, who knew rain boots were so much more than a durable shoe? Their ability to unlock your child's sense of adventure and imagination simply can't be understated. Bring on the rain puddles, the mud puddles, and even the warm grass — a pair of rain boots gives your child the confidence to explore their world.


Alice Callahan, PhD and author of The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby's First Year

Angela Hanscom, pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Timbernook