This Online Store Sends Gently Used, Affordable Kids' Clothes *Right* To Your Door

I have a lot of feelings about back-to-school season each year. While I'm mourning the end of summer, I'm also happy about getting my family on a routine again. But back to school also means early morning get-out-the-door craziness, struggling over homework, and shopping for new school clothes, which I dread most of all. Luckily, I may have found a solution to that last part with Kids on 45th, a new mama-founded company that delivers gently used, affordable children's clothing right to your door. Hurrah!

Here's the thing: With the exception of dressier occasions and events, I really don't want to spend a lot of money on my daughters' clothes. First of all, they're growing like weeds. I bought my 9-year-old women's size six sneakers the other day. What is even happening? Secondly, they get stains on shirts and tears in pants on an almost daily basis. On the occasion this happens to a piece of clothing I actually bought brand new, well, Mama is not happy. Now obviously I don't want my children confused with the cast of Oliver Twist. I want them to look like the cool, confident gals they are on the inside, but I also don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes I know are not going to last a season (if that). I also don't like the idea of contributing to the literally billions of annual textile waste produced by the United States.

So, here's where Kids on 45th really fits the bill. As mentioned above, the company delivers styled boxes of adorable, gently used kids' clothes right to your doorstep. Over 600 brands are offered (think Carters, Nike, Gap, Cat & Jack, etc.) and you pay less than you would shopping at Walmart or Goodwill. Brand new items are sometimes thrown into the mix as well. For example, regular prices run from $1.49 for baby items and top out at $12.99 for big kid jackets, but most items are in the $4-$7 range. Kids on 45th can save families 20 to 90 percent on clothes, and customers can easily get 15 items for as little as $45. Shipping is only $2.99, and if you spend over $65, it's free.

Kids on 45th

Kids on 45th also has a subscription service option, but that is not a requirement, which I like. Personally, my favorite part is that you can request the clothes your child actually needs, instead of receiving a surprise box of items you may already have in excess. All you have to do is pick which specific clothing styles you want — like skirts, dresses, short-sleeved shirts, etc. — how many, and Kids on 45th does the rest. (Pants! We always need more pants!)

Kids on 45th sources clothes from throughout the U.S. and stylists hunt for the best finds for your kids. And if you are at all concerned about the "gently used" aspect, not to worry. Kids on 45th performs quality checks by at least five people before it goes into a customer’s box. That includes everything down to buttons, pilling, and wear. Love that.

And let's get real about textile waste for a moment; it's a serious problem. Wearing gently used clothes is a simple way you and your family can do something good for the environment. And for those torn, stained clothes your child can't wear anymore? Find ways you can recycle your old clothes, whether it's through recycling or composting centers — you can even turn them into rags to clean around the house.

Last but not least, Kids on 45th has started a give back campaign to celebrate back-to-school season. For each Kids on 45th bundle sold online, they will donate $5 to classrooms in need through Donors Choose. Here's to a shopping trifecta that benefits teachers, the environment, and you.