Kids And Their Parents Told Us Their Biggest Dreams, And The Answers Are Adorable


Have you ever asked your kids what their biggest dreams are? If not, I highly recommend trying it as soon as possible, because not only are their answers hilarious, but they also serve as a great reminder of how drastically our priorities can change over time. To prove this point, I asked my three-year-old, Henry, what his biggest dream is at the moment, bracing myself for what I knew would be an off-the-wall answer. In the past, he told me he’d want to beep the car horn, go rock-throwing at the pond, or eat cheese balls in bed.

This time, his biggest dream in the world was “to be naked,” which he instantly realized was an attainable goal and proceeded to completely undress right then and there. And why not? #YOLO — that’s just how kids roll.

As for me, I'm certainly not undressing on the spot, thankyouverymuch, but I definitely needed to mull the question over because since I could only list one dream, it’d have to be a good one. I didn’t want to regret the wish I’d make, and all this overthinking led me to dream of a world where I wouldn’t overthink — I’d just live in the moment, like my naked little boy.

To encourage you to dream big no matter what point in life you're at, Romper has teamed up with State Farm to bring you some real-life responses from mom and kid duos who each answered the question, “What is your biggest dream for yourself right now?” No matter if your dream is something sweet and simple, or big and daunting, State Farm is always here to help.

Amanda and Jaylah, age 6

Courtesy of Amanda Bourgault

Amanda: "My dream right now is to continue learning and growing so that I can live a life that I’m proud of."

Jaylah: "I would like some more berries please."

Davina and Oliver, age 5

Courtesy of Davina Large

Davina: "I want to have a positive impact on the lives of others. I want to leave people better than I initially found them."

Oliver: "If I fail at becoming a Blue Power Ranger then I want to become a Pokémon Master."

Danielle and Diem, age 4

Courtesy of Danielle Mutter

Danielle: "I just want to find a way to balance my cleaning, work, mom, wife and social needs."

Diem: "I wish I could be with all of the princesses."

Elyse and Maddie, age 7

Courtesy of Elyse Skurka

Elyse: "For our family to enjoy a financially stress-free life."

Maddie: "To have my own show and to be on TV."

Anna and Alexa, age 4

Courtesy of Anna Julien

Anna: "I want my children to grow up knowing a female president is the norm, not the exception. We are on the verge of potentially monumental change."

Alexa: "I want a Barbie, I really miss her." ("She’s never had a Barbie." —Anna)

Heidi and Grayson, age 5

Courtesy of Heidi Burns

Heidi: "A house that I can have an indoor greenhouse in, and more time to spend with my kids."

Grayson: "I really really want a house and to live very good."

Darragh and Lydia, age 4

Courtesy of Darragh Toth

Darragh: "My biggest dream is never for myself! My biggest dream in life is to have the happiest children I possibly can, and to be the mother I know they deserve."

Lydia: "More candy."

Lindsay and Chase, age 3

Courtesy of Lindsay Fournier

Lindsay: "To be superwoman, wife, and businesswoman."

Chase: "Seeing different kinds of animals in the zoo."

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