Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel The Story Of Easter

On Easter Sunday, families across the nation will celebrate the holiday with a bounty of chocolate bunnies and neon-colored peeps stuffed in baskets and will likely set out to hunt for dozens of pastel eggs hidden by the mysterious floppy-eared Easter Bunny. I mean, that’s what I remember most from my childhood, even though there is a lot more to be said about one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. But, if you had asked me to explain the significance of the day when I was a little girl, my answer would have gone straight to the chocolate eggs and bunnies with just a touch religion sprinkled in. So when a bunch of kids told Jimmy Kimmel the story of Easter, it looks like their creative interpretations are still a little, well, all over the place, but are hilariously adorable.

On Thursday night, Kimmel opened the cute segment with how he remembers the story of Easter. "The real story of Easter is Jesus came down to earth, taught us to help the poor, love our enemies ... so we killed him," Kimmel shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week. "And then he came back. Why he came back? I don't know. It’s not like we made him feel welcome, but that’s the story and I wonder if children even know that.”

So what did the 49-year-old late-night host and dad of three do? In true Kimmel fashion, he asked some kids on the streets of Los Angeles to share their knowledge of the meaning of Easter. And their answers were incredible. Some of them were totally stumped and were at a loss for words, while one kid thought the holiday was based on toys. "(Jesus) got toys!" one child said happily. "Legos!"

Others seemed to remember the religious significance of Easter, but weren’t entirely sure of the exact story when the interviewer asked them about what happened to Jesus. “He made a bunny,” one kid answered, adding that Jesus was working on a “computer” project in Heaven.

Another kid remembered part of Kimmel’s version when he said “the bad guys killed him” and raised his arms to show how Jesus was crucified. And the whole audience let out a collective “awe.”

After they had established that the story of Easter says that Jesus had risen from the dead, the interviewer asked the kids what they think he said to the people. "He said, 'Bunny, please don't hide the Easter eggs,'" one little boy answered.

Perhaps the funniest version of the Easter story on Kimmel's segment was the kid who wasn't sure how Jesus died and guessed that he died of drugs. And the award for the most adorable answer goes to the kid who did a happy dance when asked what he thought Jesus did when he came back to life. I mean, who's to say he didn't?

Those creatively cute answers are just more examples of the beauty of childhood. And let's be honest, explaining the meaning of Easter to children is not the easiest parenting task ― it's interpreted and celebrated in a variety of ways, so one uniform answer is not exactly realistic. But, in the meantime, these adorable versions will certainly suffice.