All Your Fav Skin Care Products Are On Sale At Kiehl's RN, So Bring On The Glow

If your skin is important to you, you don't want to miss the Kiehl's 2019 Friends and Family sale, where you can get 20 percent off your favorites from everyone's BFF "naturally-inspired" beauty brand. Yes, that Kiehl's — the charming, straightforward typeface, the apothecary heritage, the botanical ingredients. Sigh. Color me enchanted.

It's been a busy time. Spring, Passover, Easter, you've been on break. "Kiehliday," as I'm going to think of it now, is the clean beauty lovers' Rumspringa: Fill your shopping cart to the brim with gentle yet effective skin care goods, and thanks to the extra discount, you'll have zero overindulgence-related guilt — well, not as much. Plus, there's no one asking you to do anything for them... just lots of Earth-friendly, deliciously-scented unguents that make your skin positively glow, from a brand that's been trusted for more than 160 years.

Legend has it that one famous New York-based gym had to chain its Kiehl's Creme de Corps, the best-selling body lotion, down to the counters to prevent its patrons from stalking off with the stuff. Don't commit grand theft toiletry: The sale lasts until the 29th and is on both in retail stores and on