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The Best 'Kill Bill' Memes From The AHCA Repeal

On Friday, Donald Trump killed bill — well, killed the bill. Trump and company pulled the American Health Care Act legislation from the House — meaning Trump's promise to "repeal and replace" Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act is no longer — at least for now. But with the bill being killed, people drew similarities to the film Kill Bill, which resulted in some hilarious confusion. The best "Kill the Bill" memes about the AHCA being killed show both excitement over the killing of the bill but also confusion, because this is not the kind of Kill Bill sequel people were expecting.

Before any politician had the chance to vote on the actual piece of legislation, Trump and Ryan pulled the bill from the floor — or killed the bill, if you want to get gruesome. The bill was pulled due to a lack of support from both Republicans and Democrats. This means Obamacare luckily continues to see another day — or multiple years, depending on whether Republicans can put together a revised bill that constituents and their representatives can get behind. Until that can happen, people are rightfully celebrating that Trump's disastrous plan for healthcare did not come to fruition — by comparing Trump killing the healthcare bill to the 2003 Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill. The result is pretty hilarious.

So why'd the bill die? Because, according to CNN, the bill lacked the necessary support, even from Republicans (who have consistently stood behind Trump during his presidency). The votes simply weren't there — and instead of having the bill go to a vote and be outright defeated, Trump and Ryan pulled it off the floor. But according to the Washington Post, Trump himself was questioning whether the AHCA, in all of its construction and purpose to repeal Obamacare — was really a good enough bill.

Additionally, according to the Washington Post, death to the AHCA shows that Trump — who has applauded himself on being a deal maker — couldn't make enough deals, especially with Democrats, to secure the votes. No matter what Trump or Ryan did, the response was overwhelming — not even Republicans liked the bill. According to Salon, a Quinnipac University poll found that both Republicans and Americans overall did not like the Obamacare repeal plan. This distaste for the repeal for Obamacare could not have been more evident on Friday when Trump and Ryan pulled the bill and laid it to rest.

Rest in pieces, AHCA.