Kim Kardashian Got A Spot-On Princess Jasmine Makeover, But North Did NOT Fall For It — VIDEO

Kim Kardashian is a makeup pro in her own right — but sometimes, she sits back and lets others work their makeup magic. Most recently, makeup artist and YouTuber Kandee Johnson used Kardashian as her canvas by turning her into one of your favorite Disney princesses. Kim Kardashian was completely transformed into Princess Jasmine — and even though the look was pretty dang spot on, her daughter North had plenty of critiques.

Johnson is a judge on Lifetime's Laverne Cox-hosted beauty competition TV show Glam Masters, which Kardashian executive produces. Not only have Johnson and Kardashian worked together on the show, but they are also friends, so Johnson got Kardashian to reveal plenty of fun tidbits about herself during the 13-minute YouTube transformation video. For example, Princess Jasmine has always been Kardashian's favorite Disney princess. "We just connected," Kardashian said of Jasmine, adding that she is also a huge fan of Belle and knows every word of Beauty and the Beast. (Perhaps a Belle transformation is also in the cards for KK?)

When the Jasmine makeup transformation was nearly complete, celeb stylist Kim Kimble completed the look with a wig, crown, and earrings. Kardashian then called North on FaceTime to introduce her to Jasmine.

"Hey North, it's Princess Jasmine!" Kardashian told her on the phone. "You don't look like Jasmine," North replied. "I don't?" "No."

Even though North instantly saw through her mom's prank, Kardashian continued trying to convince her she was really Jasmine. "I have your mommy's phone, and she wanted me to call you and tell you she's on my magic carpet," she said. "She's on her way home."

But North replied with an emphatic: "No! No!" Kardashian told North she was her toughest critic, and North hilariously continued to lean in. “You’re really Kim! It's Kim!" she said. "Your voice doesn't sound like Jasmine!" Kardashian then attempted a princess-y voice, adding that she had to go check on her tiger Rajah, who was pooping. Nice mommy move, Kim.

This is not the first time North has brought the sass when put on the spot. In 2015, she made headlines for serving the paparazzi some celeb-level sass outside of her ballet studio, telling the paps “I said no pictures!" according to Billboard.

There was also that time last year when North's mom gave her a time-out, only to walk in on her having a spa day in her bathroom. "That time North gets a time out and is a little too quiet...I go in her room to check on her and she made her own spa and tells me she's chilling out 😂," Kardashian tweeted alongside of North in full-on spa mode. Pretty adorably sassy, if you ask me.

And sure, you can still totally tell that it's Kim Kardashian behind those cartoonish features — but it really is an amazing transformation. First, Johnson evened out Kardashian's complexion. Then, she covered her eyebrows in Elmer's Glue (seriously), contoured her jawline, added another layer of glue, applied a dark gray eyeshadow, and thickly concealed her brows with both liquid and powder. And then, Johnson carefully painted on Jasmine's signature brows, totally transforming Kardashian's look, followed by eyeliner and a bold lip.

During the makeover, one particularly great tidbit came when Johnson asked Kardashian about her childhood. Kardashian explained that she hopes her children enjoy their childhoods the way she did. "I can honestly say I had the best childhood," she told Johnson. "It was just so much fun. I hope my kids have that." OK, so maybe dressing up as Disney princesses isn't childhood-making for Kardashian's daughter — but there's no doubt that she has plenty of other mommy tricks up her sleeve.