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Kim Kardashian Revealed That North Is Decorating A Tree For Christmas This Year

This time of year is not only the most wonderful time of the year, it's the happiest season of all — especially for the Kardashian siblings and their kids. People are aware that the Kardashian family loves Christmas. And now that the youngest generation of Kardashians is getting older, they're loving it just as much as their parents. In a new interview, Kim Kardashian opened up about Christmas in the Kardashian-West household and it sounds like everyone is getting into the holiday this year.

During an appearance on the E! talk show, Busy Tonight, Kardashian told the show's host, Busy Philipps, that her children (and husband, Kanye West), daughters North and Chicago, and son Saint, are so excited for Christmas this year, especially her 5-year-old daughter, North West. Kardashian is known for her extravagant Christmas decorations, according to People, and her daughter might be looking forward to outdoing her, soon. In the interview, Kardashian stated that North is developing her own Christmas decorating style.

"I got North an all Squishy tree with ornaments that are Squishies," Kardashian said. "She is going to be in heaven when we decorate it tomorrow."

While most people likely grew up with ornaments from Target or making Christmas ornaments out of construction paper (among other sources), North is definitely benefitting from her family's love of going all out during the holidays.

This Christmas tree sounds incredible, and it's not too hard for moms to replicate next year. Amazon sells super cute Christmas-themed squishies that would be perfect on any Christmas tree. But for the more DIY-inclined parent, it's super easy to attach ribbons on to this 30 pack of squishies and make them into ornaments, even if they weren't intended that way. All moms have to do is attach the ornaments to a small fake Christmas tree, and voila — a perfect kids-themed Christmas tree.

It should be pretty reassuring to some moms that their kids aren't the only ones obsessed with squishies. People all over the world are super into collecting and playing with squishies for so many reasons, according to Quartz — they're cute, they're soft, and they even help relieve anxiety. And apparently, North is a major fan of them, too.

But North isn't the only one who is getting in on the Christmas decorating fun. In the interview, Kardashian revealed that her Christmas decorations this year might even be better than her mom, Kris Jenner's decorations, especially since Kardashian is in charge of hosting their annual Christmas Eve party. Kardashian said, according to E! News:

You know, everyone has a different style and everyone has a different theme. And because we're throwing the Christmas Eve party this year, I feel like I have to get the teams in to figure it out and really step it up. So we're usually really simple, just like, twinkle lights but not a lot of decorations. So I've got to figure it out.

But Kardashian's fans are going to have to wait just one more day to see her Christmas decorations this year. Kardashian tweeted last week that she was waiting until Christmas Eve to post photos of her house decorated for the holiday. There is no telling what Kardashian has in store. But, people can take a note from her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, who showed off her five different Christmas trees in her home earlier this month, according to People, to see what Kim might have in mind.

In addition to decorating their house, Kim and West's Christmas traditions sound like so much fun. In a blog post last year, Kardashian detailed all of her family's Christmas traditions, revealing that they spend Christmas morning opening presents at Kourtney's house wearing brand new matching pajamas after spending Christmas Eve having an epic party. And now that the couple welcomed their daughter, Chicago, into the world early last year, this Christmas (her first Christmas) is going to be so much more special.

Although it might be a little too late for people to draw decoration inspiration from Kim this year, they might want to take her decor into consideration next year. Especially since her kid-appropriate Christmas tree sounds like such a good idea.

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