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Kim Kardashian's Easter Photos Of Chicago Are So Freaking Adorable

by Jenn Rose

With all the drama surrounding the pregnancies of Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, you might have nearly forgotten that their older sister just had a baby, too. But just like her mom and aunties, she's not about to stay out of the spotlight for too long. Kim Kardashian shared some Easter photos of Chicago West on her app on Friday — as well as the other kids — and man, is that kid adorable. The vintage-style pics look just like the ones your parents might have from your first Easter, but Kardashian's description makes it clear that they are not the average family.

"This year, we had Easter at Kylie's house," she wrote. That's understandable; Jenner just had a baby two months ago. And yes, Kardashian also had a baby two and a half months ago, but she had a surrogate, and this is her third kid, so it's fair to say that the first few weeks have probably been a little more challenging for the younger of the two. So what do the Kardashian-Jenners do on Easter? "We had an Easter egg hunt, petting zoo and slide. The whole family went to church before and then had the best time celebrating with all of the kids!"

What a coincidence! My child also had an Easter Egg hunt, but they were plastic eggs, and Chicago and company's were probably Fabergé. We did not have a petting zoo, but we did give my cat some extra treats, and I saw a rabbit in my front yard when I went outside to hide the eggs, so that's practically the same thing, right? And we didn't go to church, but we did watch The Last Jedi, much of which is set at the site of the original Jedi temple, so it was still a spiritual experience for all involved.

All kidding aside, it did seem like a relatively normal Easter for the Kardashian-Jenner clan, with all the cousins playing together and eating candy. Kardashian also shared some of the photos on her Instagram account, including one where all the small children are joyously subjecting themselves to possible rope burns while a grown-ass man lounges on a giant inflatable slid. Of course that's the kind of slide she meant; do you really think the rich and famous mess around with that plastic Step 2 nonsense?

I'd also like to know why the boy gets to wear jeans while the girls are dressed up in their frilly best. Raise your hand if you remember how difficult it was to play with your cousins without ruining your pretty white Easter dress (and those god-awful tights and patent leather shoes, if you're not from Calabasas). I call unfair holiday practices! This is probably why I still wear jeans to every family gathering to this day. Because I'm a grownup, and I can.

But let's talk about that first pic a little more. The most remarkable part about it, aside from the fact that it genuinely looks like it's been crumpled in the back of a drawer since the 1980s (technology will never cease to amaze me) is the look on Kanye West's face. Look carefully. You can barely make it out, but dude is smiling! Have you ever seen him smile like that? But even that stone-face sourpuss can't hold back when he's gazing at the face of his newborn child, though, which proves that Chicago isn't just regular cute, she's magic. Which is a good thing, since she's got Stormi Webster (Jenner's daughter) to compete with, as well as the mystery contents of Khloé's baby, due out any day now. Get your press while you can, Chi!