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Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors That North Doesn't Like Her Little Brother

There are many challenges that come with being a celebrity, that’s for sure. From having almost every moment of your life meticulously documented, to being hounded by paparazzi when you just want to go grab some ice cream. Yes, so much of being in the spotlight means having to share your life with the public, even if you don’t necessarily want to. So, when Kim Kardashian shut down rumors that North doesn’t like Saint, everyone took notice — again.

Of course, all those keeping up with the Kardashians are aware that Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West, are expecting their third child, according to E! News. And while reports are indicating that they’ve hired a surrogate, neither Kardashian nor West has confirmed that particular detail. For now, all that’s really known is that they’re having a third child, and that their two older children, 4-year-old North, and 1-year-old Saint, will have a new baby sibling to play with. But of course, in light of this good news, there have also been rumors that big sister North doesn’t like Saint. However, Kardashian is assuring everyone that simply isn’t true.

Let's back up and remember why people thought that might've been the case: Back in August, Kardashian co-hosted Live With Kelly & Ryan along with Ryan Seacrest, and revealed that North “does not like her brother and it’s so hard for me.” She also went on to tell Seacrest that North "would get so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that kind of stuff."

When Kardashian shared this little tidbit, she probably didn’t mean that North despises her little brother. It was likely just a comment on the siblings fighting, like siblings so often do. But people took the comment at face value and assumptions were made that Kardashian’s children didn’t get along or like each other.

So, she decided to speak up about it. “I said that on [Live with Kelly & Ryan],” she recently explained on a new video segment on her app and website, according to People.Obviously North loves Saint, she just is still jealous.”

That makes perfect sense if you think about it. North was an only child for three years before little Saint came along, so obviously she might need some time to adjust to the little guy. And while the family is preparing to welcome their third child, Kardashian wants fans to know that her oldest children are more than OK with each other, despite her previous comments. According to People, she continued on the video segment:

She needs to still get it together and warm up and be a little bit nicer, but I think she’s getting there. I saw glimmers of hope a week ago. She’s not harmful, she's not hurting him or anything. She just doesn’t want boys in her room.

There's not really anything wrong with that, now is there? According to her mom, North appreciates her privacy, and that's totally understandable. She's grown up in the spotlight, constantly surrounded by cameras, so if she wants some time alone, or special time with mom and dad, who could really blame her?

Kardashian taking a moment to shut down those rumors just goes to show how much she cares for and loves her children. She might not lay down the law about every single rumor circulating about her or her own siblings, but she clearly doesn't want anyone to have the wrong idea about North and Saint.

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