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New Moms Will Absolutely Love This Advice Kim Kardashian Gave Khloé

First-time moms get a lot of advice from those around them — some wanted, some unwanted. Every parent is different, but it can be helpful to get a few insider tips from other parents you trust. Even celebrities experience a learning curve when it comes to raising a child. And Kim Kardashian's best mom advice for Khloé Kardashian is to embrace that learning curve.

Khloé is well into her third trimester, with some reports stating that she could go into labor with her daughter any day now. The baby will be her first and she has been busy preparing for her arrival. Part of that preparation includes finding her own parenting style. Khloé has shared on her app that Kim's style is the closest to how she wishes to parent, and it seems that the two have been having a lot of conversations about raising children.

Kim spoke with Entertainment Tonight about these conversations, sharing that Khloé is "freaked out" about what to expect. Considering how her life is about to change, a little bit of a freak out is to be expected. Many first-time moms worry about becoming parents. Fortunately, she has three sisters with children of their own who are available to offer insight.

"Khloe and I have a really good thing going on right now," Kim says in the video. "I'm like the real one with her [about] what goes down and how it's going to go down." Aside from general worry, Kim shared that some of the more "sensitive" topics really get to Khloé right now:

You cannot tell her anything right now that's too sensitive because she's just so freaked out. So, I can't really get into the whole, like, nipples and breastfeeding thing. She's just going to have to figure that all out and slowly.

While she may not have raised a child on her own, Khloé has a lot of experience as an aunt. And just because she's "freaked out" doesn't mean that she won't make a great mom, Kim said:

It'll be fine. She knows. She's seen all of us go through it. She's prepared, but I feel her and I are on a really good communication about everything. I know when to push it and when to... right now isn't a time to freak her out. The closer it gets, you can't freak someone out.

Ultimately, Kim's best advice for Khloé is to accept the unknowns. "You have no idea and that's the beauty of it," she said in the video. "You just have no clue and that's totally fine." If anyone would know what Khloé needs to hear, it's Kim. A source close to the family told People that Khloé has been turning to her pretty much exclusively:

Khloé has really only been asking Kim for advice. She agrees more with Kim’s parenting style than Kourtney’s. [Khloé]’s also older and more mature than Kylie so her approach will be different than a very young mom.

No matter how much good advice she receives from her friends and family, Khloé still plans to carve out her own path for parenthood. The source said that she plans to jump right into the nitty-gritty of motherhood from the start, according to MTV:

Khloé also wants to navigate motherhood in her own way and isn’t really looking for other people to butt in. Khloé mostly wants to do things herself when the baby arrives. She will have some help for sure but she plans to be extremely hands-on.

While she's busy finding herself as a mother, I have no doubt that Khloé will be grateful for the huge support system that is her family. Striking a balance between following the advice of those around you and doing what you think is best is a part of growing as a parent — and it sounds like Khloé has already figured that part out.

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