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Kim Kardashian's New Pic Of Chicago Will Make You Wonder Where The Time Went

With one baby hitting 20 months and a newborn in the house, Kim Kardashian can probably tell you better than most how bittersweet it can be to watch a child develop. And as it turns out, Kardashian has had many moments like this lately. Want some proof? Look no further than Kim Kardashian's new photo of Chicago. The adorable pic is a reminder that shows babies do grow up too fast.

In case you haven't seen it already, Kardashian's Instagram account features a brand new snap of 1-year-old Chicago, who's not so little anymore as she runs around (wait, when did this development happen?!) in a blush-colored sweatsuit and matching tennis shoes.

"My Chi Chi," Kardashian captioned the pretty pic, with oohs and ahhs coming in from fans and relatives.

"It's not normal how beautiful she is!!!" replied auntie Khloe Kardashian, while grandma Kris Jenner added, "A living doll!" Other fans noted that Chicago looks like an "angel" and is Kardashian's "twin."

As darling as Chicago is in this new pic, I admit I thought she was still teeny. And seeing this picture makes you realize how quickly time can fly when you're a busy parent. You look up and it's another Christmas, another birthday, another milestone gone too fast. It's so sad, wonderful, and complicated. This is the point when a mom needs a glass of wine or some other soothing beverage.

I can't say for certain, but I'm not sure if Kardashian has time for such thoughts right now. The reality star just welcomed her fourth baby, Psalm, back in May, and she recently she added two new Pomeranians in the mix.

Translation: Kardashian's house is quite busy at the moment.

Adding to the hectic pace at home? Kardashian wants to become a lawyer so she can continue to advocate people who are incarcerated. But to do so, she needs to pass the California bar exam first. Then there's the matter of her new shape wear company, Skims, which she recently launched.

Oh, and of course she continues to star in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has her KKW Beauty makeup collection, and is also mom to North, 6, and Saint, 3. Whew.

Although it's clear Kardashian is juggling a lot at the moment, she seems more than capable of taking on the job. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Kardashian is more centered than ever.

"I feel like having four is so much more zen," Kardashian said about her family, according Hello! magazine. "I feel really calm and zen. I feel like they all love each other."

She continued, "My two older kids would fight a little bit and now, since the baby’s here, everyone gets along… I’m rolling with it. It just really is zen. It feels really equal and calm and great."

Now that Kardashian mentions it, maybe she's right that four kids is the magic number. It takes away from the "triangle" effect she experienced with three, where one is always left out. Either way, with little ones as cute as Chicago and kids who are growing up so fast, it's clear Kardashian has a lot to be thankful for these days.