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This New Pic Of North West Has Fans Upset For A Ridiculous Reason

by Morgan Brinlee

One of the more frustrating aspects of parenting, is that everyone seems to have an opinion about how you're doing it. And although almost every parent will, unfortunately, find themselves to be the target of parent-shaming trolls at least once, celebrity moms and dads seem to face more than their fair share of judgmental comments due to their life in the limelight. In fact, Kim Kardashian's new photo with North sparked backlash for one ridiculous reason: earrings.

Whether it's their business ventures, workout routines, romantic relationships, fashion choices, or parenting decisions, few families are as heavily scrutinized as the Kardashian-Jenner clan. And while some may argue that the family has opened their lives up to public criticism by building their fame around the reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there's seems to be no end to what fans and haters alike will pounce on.

Kim K, for example, recently found herself the target of mom-shaming social media trolls after sharing a picture of herself pinky swearing with eldest daughter North on Instagram. "Pinky swear we’re besties for life!" she wrote in the post's caption.

A number of Kardashian's friends and family were quick to celebrate the mother and daughter's close relationship. "You two are amazing," Khloe Kardashian commented. "Besties for life."

"Coolest mom ever," makeup artist Ash K. Holm wrote.

But while many found the photo endearing, others found fault with what Kardashian had allowed her daughter to wear. "Cute, but those giant hoops for a little girl?" one commentator wrote? "She's not even 11 yet."

Another commentator claimed the hoop earrings made 6-year-old North look much older than she really is. "Why is she wearing hoop earrings?" they questioned. "She doesn't look like a little girl."

Many of those attempting to mom shame Kardashian claimed their criticism was merely concern for North's well being, a common tactic of trolls who parent shame. "Ok, I never say anything bad regarding anyone’s kids, but, North has no business wearing hoops that big at what, 6?" one commentator wrote. "They’re gonna pull on her little holes."

The idea that North's earlobes would somehow be irrevocably damaged by the earrings she was wearing in the photo was a common "concern" among those questioning Kardashian's parenting. "Hey, I know you'd like to see your kids all stylish and cool, but she's too small to be wearing such a big hoop!" one commentator wrote. "[It] will affect her ear hole in the future. Two sizes smaller would have been okay."

As the criticism of Kardashian's parenting grew, a number of fans came to reality TV star's defense, arguing that North was likely playing dress up with her mom's earrings. "Kim isn’t wearing earrings, so I assume she took hers off to let North wear them for fun," one commentator wrote. "She (North) probably asked. Her ear will be fine [because] she probably didn’t have them on long."

Others joked that North had more than likely gotten a hold of her auntie Khloe's jewelry. "Those are def Khloé’s hoops tho," one commentator wrote. Known for her love of large hoops, Khloe has been spotted on multiple occasions wearing earrings similar to those seen on North in the photo. What's more, a little sleuthing (aka scrolling down Kardashian's Instagram feed) uncovered a series of beach photographs that appear to be taken on the same day as North's picture with mom (it's unlikely that Kardashian would wear the exact same beach outfit twice). In them, both Khloe and a family friend can be seen wearing hoop earrings that look just like the one North has on.

But whether North was playing dress up with someone else's earrings or rocking her own pair really shouldn't matter. Dumping unsolicited insults and criticism on someone for parenting practices that are ultimately harmless serves no legitimate purpose. Thankfully, the Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to have grown a thick skin in the more than 10 years they've spent in the public eye, meaning Kim K's not likely to be crying over what people on Instagram say about her.