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Kim Kardashian's Newest Saint Photo Shows He's Basically North's Mini Me

His big sister might have a slew of her own Kimoji, but now it's Saint West's turn to steal the show. Kim Kardashian's newest Saint photo on Instagram Thursday shows the rarely-seen baby boy lying on a white satin pillow, looking super cute — not to mention an awful lot like North. The pic, which was also accompanied by a video on Snapchat, according to People, is only the third time Kardashian has shared a glimpse of her son with the world since he was born six months ago. But even though it's pretty clear Saint and North share a strong family resemblance, Kardashian wrote on Twitter that little Saint also definitely takes after her mama in the looks department.

After posting his photo on her Twitter account, Kardashian wrote, "Saint is my twin!" and even responded to some of her followers who saw the resemblance, writing, in one tweet, "yeah we have the same eyes. def a good mix of both of us but he is more me, I think..."

The latest photo of Saint looks an awful lot like the previous two, where the tot can be seen also dressed in white, lying in his crib in white bedding (maybe they're going for a monochrome look?). Either way, it's fun to see a new snap of Saint now that he's 6 months old — and halfway to what will surely be one impressive first birthday party.

But the photos of Saint weren't the only adorable update Kardashian had in store Thursday. Earlier in the day, she shared a slew of too-cute snaps from North's mermaid-themed third birthday party, according to The Daily Mail. She explained that she resurrected a mermaid Halloween costume from 2012 to wear to her daughter's party, and that little North was beyond excited to see her mom dressed up:

How cute is this mermaid costume North had on?! I had to bring out my 2012 Halloween costume, when I was a mermaid. I can't believe it still fit! North was in awe, and I knew I would get major 'cool mom' points for wearing this.

The under the sea party was also honoring another birthday girl — North's cousin Penelope Disick, who is turning 4 in July, according to The Daily Mail.

Does this mean we might be seeing a bit more of Saint from now on? It's possible. According to The Mirror, Kardashian also kept pics of North under wraps while she was an infant, but clearly as this point feels happy to share photos (and videos, and emojis) of her little girl. Perhaps a Saint Kimoji won't be far off after all. (I'm gonna guess he'll be wearing a white onesie.) ‌