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Kim Kardashian Is Not Here For Those Rumors About 5-Year-Old North Having A Boyfriend

You might have heard a rumor last week that it looked like Kim Kardashian's 5-year-old daughter North West may have had a "boyfriend" named Caiden Mills, the 7-year-old son of rapper Consequence. The internet quickly chimed in to share their thoughts on the reports, but Kardashian has officially responded to rumors about North having a boyfriend and has finally set the record straight.

If you're just tuning in, allow me to catch you up on everything that's happened. Fans began speculating that North and Caiden were maybe an item following a few Instagram posts shared on the little guy's account, which has a whopping 54,000 followers as of Tuesday. It's not uncommon for parents, especially famous ones, to manage an Instagram account for their child. It's not clear who runs Caiden's account, presumably a parent, but it's obvious he has a lot of fans.

North, however, doesn't have a parent-managed IG (well, at least not a public one), but she does show up on Caiden's account quite often. "Boo'd up," reads a caption of a photo of Caiden and North at what appears to be Stormi's first birthday party on Feb. 9. Then, a Feb. 13 photo of Caiden and North with 2-year-old Saint was captioned, "I had the BEST time on our play date at @exploratorium It was so much FUN."

But things took an interesting turn prior to these posts on Feb. 6, when Caiden's account shared a snap of the young boy posing with a bag from famed jeweler Tiffany & Co. "Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon," the caption read. On Valentine's Day, the account shared another photo of Caiden with the iconic blue bag and some chocolates. "Love Is In The Air," the photo's caption read.

In a not-so-surprising, but disturbing, twist, fans and media outlets began speculating that North had a boyfriend, as ELLE reported last week. The gossip eventually made its way to Kardashian on Sunday night, after a member of the paparazzi reportedly asked the mom whether North has a boyfriend. According to People and Us Weekly, she reportedly replied:

She doesn’t have a boyfriend. Like, is that for real? She’s 5.

If Kardashian actually said this remark, then it's clear she's not impressed with the speculation about her daughter. Her unamused reaction is completely fair given North's young age, and fortunately, Kardashian has put a rest to these rumors.

As for Caiden's dad? Consequence did not immediately respond to Romper’s request for comment.

Of course, it's important to note that young kids can have crushes, but relationships a much, much different. “It’s a normal phase of development,” Allison Bates, a registered clinical counselor told Today's Parent. “Between ages six and eight, our kids start to think about their classmates in a different way, maybe liking a boy or thinking he’s kind of cute."

There's a distinct difference, however, between a school crush and people speculating whether a 5-year-old is in a relationship or not. Though it shouldn't have to be said, North deserves to enjoy her childhood in peace, free of being at the center of these rumors.

Kardashian tends to be a woman of few words and speaks her mind when she feels necessary, so I don't think she'll address this silly drama ever again.