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Kim K Is So Chill With Her Supportive AF Response To Kylie's Daughter's Name Stormi

OMG, you guys, Kylie Jenner's daughter officially has a name. Not only does she have a name, she has a name and a picture. (Thanks, Kylie, for returning to Instagram. Missed you.) On Tuesday, Kylie Jenner revealed that her daughter's name was Stormi. As a fan, I'm excited — nay — elated that we not only know that Kylie had a daughter (bless), but has also named her (and shared that name). But, no one is as big of a fan of the baby as Kylie's big sis, because Kim Kardashian's response to Stormi proves Kylie Jenner's older sister is the ultimate stan and literally won the exciting reveal with one damn emoji.

As a frequent emoji conversationalist (just go with it), I appreciate the art in fluent emoji. Knowing the subtle but important nuances of how emojis work and how they can tell an entire story is, at the risk of sounding dramatic, an art. Kim Kardashian and I both have this hobby in common. Look, Mrs. Kim Kardashian West is one of the most followed people on the planet. She was probably one of the first people to get the 280 characters on the social media platform. I don't know that as a fact, but I feel like with her clout, it is very possible. So, why, pray tell, would someone with such a range of possibilities choose to tweet something so simple?

Because Kim Kardashian is subtle AF.

Kim Kardashian has always been supportive of her sister. She literally drank a sardine smoothie to get out of saying anything about her sisters' pregnancies (this was before we knew All Of The Things about the Kardashian/Jenner wombs). Kim isn't here to spill details about her sisters when they don't want said details to get out there. You've got to respect that hustle.

So, that brings us to this subtle and supportive tweet that Kim shared with the world this stormy (IDK where you live!) day. By using the storm emoji, Kim is not only saying "Hey, I am acknowledging this very popular news story that you're all talking about that also has to do with my family," she's also saying, "I'm here for this name."

And while we actually don't know what Kim thinks of the name Stormi — maybe we'll learn on Life Of Kylie Season 2 — I would never put it past Kim to be a supportive sister, even if Kylie named her daughter Chowder. Seriously, Kim would use her influence and badass businesswoman prowess to get a chowder emoji and you bet she'd tweet that chowder emoji to the whole GD world.

Shortly following her return to social media, Kylie shared the gifts (read: millions of roses) she received on behalf of her little Stormi. One gift was from Kim and husband Kanye West. Seen above, it appears to be a oblong shape of roses with a gradient from deep berry to light pink and white. Again, Kim Kardashian is subtle and isn't here for your overstated BS. (OK, maybe this is slightly overstated.)

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Stormi's, well, existence, there's no doubt that Kim Kardashian will always be supportive of her sister. Whether her daughter's name is Stormi or Chowder. Although Stormi works a lot better with Chicago — Stormi Reigns in the North of Chicago! Do you get it?

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