Kim's Kardashian New Video Of North & Chicago Proves The Siblings Are Really Tight

Kim Kardashian is known for her super close bond with her siblings. It's clear through episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she is so close with her five siblings, no matter what is going on in their lives. So, it only makes sense that her children are just as close with each other. Of course, Kim Kardashian's video of Chicago combing North's hair proves that Kardashian's kids are taking after their mama.

Kardashian's family with husband, Kanye West, is so cute. The couple are parents to four young kids — 6-year-old daughter, North, 3-year-old son, Saint, 1-year-old daughter, Chicago, and their 1-month-old newborn son, Psalm. Kardashian and her siblings are just as close in age — she's a year younger than her oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and four years older than her sister, Khloé Kardashian, according to Cheat Sheet.

Since they're all so close to one another, it makes sense that Kim's kids are picking up on this, too. They're already proving to everyone that their bond is just as tight. This bond can be seen in a video posted to Kim's Instagram feed over the weekend. In the video, Chicago can be seen combing North's hair will a brush meant for dolls. Chicago's gentle approach to this activity, combined with the way North doesn't seem to mind at all is the sweetest thing ever.

Chicago seems to care about her older sister so much and it shows.

Kim wasn't the only person to notice how sweet her little girls are. Her followers can not get over how sweet this little gesture is.

"Chicago is the most adorable baby I've ever seen in my life," one commenter wrote.

"I'm crying this is so cute," another commenter added.

But most people cannot get over how much Chicago seems like a little hairstylist in the making.

"She's hired," celebrity hair stylist, Jet Atkin, commented.

If Chicago was interested in doing hair when she gets older, she wouldn't be the first of her siblings to express interest in the beauty industry. North is always on Kim's Instagram feed giving her a makeover, or applying makeup to her own face. With Chicago doing hair and North doing makeup, they're pretty much already a dynamic duo. Hopefully, they'll continue being a team because they make a pretty great one.

Kim should really cherish these sweet moments between her two girls. Anyone with an older sister (like myself) will tell you that it's not easy to be a younger sister. There are a lot of fights involved over the most mundane things, like clothes, shoes, and who gets to eat the last french fry. And these are the kind of arguments that will go on for the rest of their lives.

But for now, it sounds like North is just grateful to have an ally in her younger sister. During a 2018 interview on the podcast, Pretty Big Deal, Kardashian said that North had been begging her for a baby brother so Saint could "leave her alone", according to Life & Style. This way, "the girls can be on one side of the house and the boys can be on that side of the house." Now that there is another baby brother in the mix, North seems to be pretty pleased.

The little girls already seem like they're partners in crime. Let's pray that this doesn't change, because they could not be any cuter.