Kimoji For Android? Hints Reveal The App May Already Be In The Works

Kim Kardashian has finally realized her goal of breaking the Internet, or at least she claims she has. Her new app, Kimoji, launched on Monday, and Apple's App Store reportedly had trouble keeping up with (ugh, I hate myself) the demand. Although Kim tweeted that she "broke" the App Store, Apple says that it never actually crashed, according to TMZ. Unfortunately for Kim, she won't have the chance to "break" Google Play quite yet, because although there's been grumblings, there's no official date on when Kim and co. are releasing Kimoji for Android.

Marketwatch reports that Kimoji hit number one on the App Store the day it was released, and now outranks Kylie Jenner's app, which is sitting at number five. (Talk about a sibling rivalry.) On Tuesday, it ranked 11 as the highest grossing app of all time, which is no surprise, given that her last app, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, pulled in over $74 million in 2014 (and it launched in late June).

So who are all these people willing to fork over $2 to insert tiny cartoon butts and boobs into their text messages? Not happy customers, that's for sure. Although sales are great, the app's current customer rating (as of Wednesday) is just two and a half stars out of a possible five. So what's going on here?

The first review I came across called Kimoji "false representation" and said that in order to use the app, you have to copy and paste the pics, "not like a real emoji at all." Even the four- and five-star reviews complain that they're not actual emoji, they can sometimes show up as pixelated, and there are glitches. The app was updated to Version 1.1 just two days after its launch.

A tweet suggested that the Android version of Kimoji's would be released in the coming days, but there's been no official date announced as of yet to confirm the release.

Just last night, Kim's official Kimoji app confirmed the release of Kimoji for Android, but again, no telling what "soon" means:

Looks like Droid users are in luck!

Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for LACMA