KiwiCo's DIY Halloween 2018 Costumes Are Fun, Affordable, & STEM-Powered


Sure, stores are stocked with intricate, exciting Halloween costumes this time of year. But there's nothing like the feeling of pride you get from wearing a homemade costume. Thankfully, one company has brought together the best of both worlds with these DIY costume kits for kids. Now your child can experience the joy of a handmade Halloween costume, even if you aren't a Pinterest-level crafter.

The creative people at KiwiCo came up with the "Build Your Own" Halloween costume kits right in time for Halloween. Retailing from $10 to $45, each kit contains everything your kid needs to craft a cool costume or piece of Halloween decor. As an added bonus, every costume has a working mechanical or electronic component, so your kid gets a mini STEM lesson while making a costume. It's the perfect blend of creative expression and practical lessons.

Plus, there are a ton of different costume ideas for kids of all ages. The younger set can enjoy decorating their own Trick-or-Treat bags or simple costumes, whereas older kids can go all out with mechanical moving parts and working lights. In addition, all the costumes are stylishly made, so they'll pop in all your Halloween photos. Whatever your kid's into, there's likely a costume kit that they'll love from KiwiCo.

1Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume

Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume


This kit contains everything you need to craft a unicorn head with matching tail. And as a fun bonus, the horn really glows. This costume offers a lesson about crafting and luminescence at the same time, which is pretty magical indeed.

2Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume

Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume


If your kid wants to get prehistoric for Halloween this year, then this costume is perfection. The felt jaws snap shut when the costumer pulls a string, so your kid gets a lesson about hinges and rotary motion when crafting this costume.

3Light-Up Alien Spaceship Costume

Light-Up Alien Spaceship Costume


It's a UFO you can wear on your head. The kit contains details such as a windshield, windows, and cloth rocket fire. Plus, your kid learns about rocket technology in the process of building it.

4Glowing Wand & Crown Costume

Glowing Wand & Crown Costume


This sweet set includes lights, iridescent inserts, and everything else you need to make a light-up wand and shiny crown. It's perfect for your aspiring royalty. Plus, the crown and wand can be enjoyed for dress-up play even after Halloween has passed.

5Red Cape

Red Cape


Even preschool aged kids can get in on the costume crafting fun. This kit includes a cape that your kiddo can decorate with colorful felt stickers. Just don't be surprised when your tot wants to wear this cape to the grocery store, grandma's house, and everywhere else.

6Trick-Or-Treat Tote

Trick-Or-Treat Tote


Pre-school kids will love crafting this adorable tote. Your kid will learn how simple shapes can make a face on this bag, which can then accompany them out trick-or-treating. Chances are, your kid will tell everyone "I made this!" when holding out the bag for treats.

7Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin Lantern


After assembling the wooden case and orange vellum, your kid can use LED lights to make a lantern that really glows. It's a cool piece of Halloween decor that's also educational, and I 100 percent want to order one for my office. Hey, holiday-inspired STEM crafts aren't just for the kids.