Courtesy of Knix

If Knix's New Swimwear Is As Comfy As Their Bras, They'll Prob Sell Out ASAP

The perfect swimsuit is like the Holy Grail — theoretically life-saving, yet simultaneously impossible to get your hands on something that checks all the boxes: durable, comfortable, and on-trend. But Knix's new swim collection might have you feeling more optimistic about your pool attire this year.

Knix is the intimates brand that offers women bras and underwear that claims "to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin." They got their start through an online fundraiser in 2015, proposing the "world's most advanced bra" and went on to become the most funded fashion Kickstarter ever. The technology was created for women by women, which is why they're so in tune with your undergarment needs. Knix specializes in wire-free bras that don't compromise support, as well as leakproof underwear and anti-sweat tops. And now, they're expanding to swimsuits, applying their smart-bra technology to the land of all things waterproof.

The collection features three different style suits, each of which are equipped with their wire-free bra technology, while the nylon and spandex material is designed to work similarly to that of shapewear. The cuts are also designed in such that you can actually do more than just pose for a cute Insta pic in them. Read: next time your kids challenge you to a water balloon fight, you'll be ready to take them on, while simultaneously looking fabulous and not worrying about any body parts falling out.

Each suit is available in three sophisticated colorways— black, rose, and peacock, so you'll likely find an option that speaks to you. If you're eyeing the peacock hue, you're not the only one — Knix ran an Instagram poll and the blue-green hue was the fan favorite. The suits also come with gold hardware on the straps and on the back, giving the looks a little extra bling too.

Every piece in the line goes up to size 2XL, with select styles fitting a G-cup. There are two one-piece options, as shown above, one with a stylish bow cut-out and the other with a more classic design. The collection also has multiple two-piece styles with the tops and bottoms sold separately, so you have even more control over your beachy look. Opt for a sporty scoop neck top or a tie bikini top.

There are two bottoms styles as well: the classic bikini cut and a high-rise style. You can mix and match the bikini pieces as they're sold separately, so you can pair the tops and bottoms as you see fit. As you can tell, the line is designed to let you pick the items you feel best in, giving you more freedom than classic swimwear options. The only opinion on swimsuits that matters is yours, and the flexibility of Knix's will help you find the style and fit that works best for you.

The one-pieces retail for $100, and the bikini pieces are $50 each — for classic, quality swimwear that you'll rock for more than one season, that's not outrageous at all. Head to the Knix website to check out the full line, and get in the spirit of summer.