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Kourtney Kardashian Is Redefining Co-Parenting With Scott & Sofia

Navigating split or mixed families is certainly not a new concept, but it seems that it's never been more common for parents to be finding their way in a world in which families are anything but nuclear. Kourtney Kardashian is one such parent, who, in her latest outing with Scott Disick & Sofia Richie, proves that co-parenting is truly whatever you make it.

Kardashian, who shares three children with Disick from their nearly decade-long relationship, broke up with Disick for good at the end of 2015, People reported. The couple had previously been on-again, off-again for years prior. However, despite the split, it's become clear in the years since that they are completely committed to co-parenting their kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and remaining an active part of one another's lives, even if that means, uh... vacationing and doing dinner dates with new partners in tow.

Most recently, Kardashian, Disick, and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, were spotted together in Aspen, Colorado, vacationing and going out to dinner, W reported. It's a really important reminder that there's no right way to keep your family together, and that, despite conventional standards, you're certainly allowed to bond with, if not even welcome into your extended family, your former partner's new partners. It's a part of learning to coexist as separate, but equal, entities, and Kardashian and Disick are exemplifying the maturity it takes to do that.

Before Christmas, E! reported that Kardashian, Disick, and Richie all vacationed in Mexico together with the kids as well. A source shared with the network about their trip: "The first day they all hung out together with the kids at the beach... Kourtney, Sofia and Scott were all chatting and enjoying the day. Scott was in the middle of Sofia and Kourtney and they were lined up on chaise lounges. Scott got up to play with the kids and Kourtney and Sofia were chatting. They look like they are on very good terms and there wasn't any tension."

Disick shared a photo of himself sitting in between Kardashian and Richie on beach chairs while in Cabo together, which he captioned: "What more can a guy ask for? THREE'S COMPANY." A few weeks prior, Kardashian posted a photo of herself posing on the end of a bed, on which Disick was sitting with their daughter, Penelope, reading a book together. She captioned it simply: "Coparenting." (Yes, indeed.)

As for how Kardashian's family feels about the trio spending so much time together? Well, they seem to be in full support. In response to a fan's tweet saying that Kardashian and Disick do co-parenting "right," People reported Khloé Kardashian responded: “Beyond proud of all of them!!!! This is LOVE!! Your children before anything else!! All amazing adults right right!!!”

Earlier this year, Kardashian and Disick went to Bali, Indonesia, together, and HollywoodLife.com reported that the trip was "healing" for the couple. And in November, Kardashian posted a photo of all of them for Thanksgiving, saying how grateful she was to be able to wake up with her entire family, kids included.

It's clear that Kardashian and Disick have their priorities in line, and their kids come first and foremost. It's inspiring to see their modern family not only getting along, but thriving together.

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